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Feb 28, 2010 06:24 PM

Lardon Restaurant, Old Silver Spoon Location.

Anyone have any information on this soon to be opened restaurant. Saw the notices on the window. Hopeful that it will be as good as Silver Spoon.

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    1. re: demeen25

      Interesting. Looks like a promising addition to the neighbourhood.

    2. Grand opening is March 26th -- just checked the website.

        1. re: Spike

          I ate there Tuesday night and was very impressed.

          Lardon seems to be the sort of neighbourhood restaurant that I dream of having nearby. High quality ingredients prepared with creativity and precision served in a friendly, understated room. Unfortunately, it's not at all close to me.

          Aside from the use of sous-vide preparation (to great effect with the superb carrot soup), the dishes are pretty classic. Amongst the appetizers, the highlight for me was Florentine tripe: perfectly cooked tripe in a well seasoned san marzano tomato sauce. It's really refreshing to see a classic dish like that prepared so well in a Toronto restaurant and at such a decent price.

          My party enjoyed several stand-out entrees. Foremost was the poussin: this was the best poussin I have eaten in recent memory. Our waiter advised that the recipe involves marinating the birds in wine and then repeatedly air drying them. Somehow, this results in perfectly lacquered skin and moist, deeply flavoured flesh. In any event, the mere fact that you get a well-cooked deboned bird for less than $25 is reason enough to order it. It’s a destination worthy dish.

          The ox tagliatelle on the menu was also excellent with interesting, well-combined flavours. The pork belly choucroute was solid, too. I look forward to trying their bavette when I'm next there.

          Definitely order the fried pig ears for the table--like french fries only a thousand times better--and the bacon maple syrup ice cream is pretty much insane.

          390 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R, CA

          1. re: waxingdeep

            Anyone else try this? - am considering giving it a shot tonight (tired of the no reservations policy at Local)...still mourning the loss of Silver Spoon.

            1. re: DDD

              It's really good. Room so plain you'll want to slit your wrists. And very earnest service. But the guy can cook.

            2. re: waxingdeep

              The Restaurant itself lacks personality, unlike Local Kitchen, but..
              we have been twice, and have enjoyed both Meals.
              As well as the above mentioned,
              can recommend the Duck with Homemade
              Pasta, and the Cornish Hen , both Duck and Bird prepared Sous- Vide .

          2. There was a small write up of it in the Toronto Star a few weeks ago (I just finally got around to reading some articles I clipped and put to the side):


            Amy didn't give it a very good review (although not an indepth review regardless)... but having seen what has been posted here I will consider giving it a shot if in the area.

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            1. re: ylsf

              i have yet to go to lardon, i want to try it, i just can't walk past local kitchen on my way to lardon without stopping there...

              the same article panned blue plate located next door to lardon in the old boho space. i urge all to avoid it, the article didn't explain truly what an awful experience this was from the moment we walked in til we left. a clueless hostess who didn't know where to seat us in an empty restaurant to the owner putting her make up on in the restaurant and yelling from the back to put us anywhere, to the way undercooked proteins (and i still eat tartare), the douchie model/waiter that couldn't seem to afford a razor blade and processed us without any hint of a personality.

              1. re: ylsf

                That was the most useless review I've seen...sounded like she was just too wound up from the traffic to enjoy herself :-P