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Feb 28, 2010 06:24 PM

Jade "Fine Asian Dining"-- North Phoenix

Jade. 34455 N. 27th Drive. Phoenix. 623-388-8880.

I was visiting from out of town. I noticed this new restaurant that just opened and decided to give it a try.

Bottom line: if you're looking for authentic or somewhat authentic Chinese food, go somewhere else.

Not sure what it was, the dining room had a strong sulphur smell. Took me some time to get over it. The menu is English only and contained the usual assertment of Chinese dishes, including the typical lunch specials.

I ordered a Kung Pao Chicken special. It came with a soup that looked greenish and cloudy. The waitress initially didn't know what soup this is, then told me is Egg Drop Soup. I estimated they used one egg in a ten gallon was more like salted broth with a hint of egg thickened with corn starch. Kungpao was more like generic stirfried chicken. It was sliced (not cubes). It lacked the kungpao sauce. It was made with onion and celery; no peanuts. Rice came on a plate highly fluffed to give the appearance of more rice than there really is--about a 1/2 cup serving. The fried. wanton was stuffed with cream cheese :).

Tea was served in a cheap 8 oz coffe cup...not the small tea cups.

To summarize, I was very disappointed. Given the largely diverse population of Phoenix, I was surprised to find this type of Chinese restaurant. If you're not starving, drive 15 min to find a Chinese buffet to get something closer to authentic.

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  1. I saw the title of this post and just had to look. My husband and I walked out of this new restaurant last weekend. Neither of us can speak to how the food is, it looked ok (just ok) as we watched people that came in after us get served. The waitress was not exactly rude, but she was definitely Indifferent and disappeared as we just sat there (and sat there).

    After almost a half hour (we did get the tea we ordered), we finally got up to leave. The waitress was quite unapologetic as we told the cashier we had had enough. She actually took our money for the tea as the waitress made an attempt to tell her what we ordered. I cut her off and with a "don't even try it" look :)

    The tables we watched getting served were being waited by a very efficient and attentive waitress. I'm sure these comments would have been completely different had we sat in her area.

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      I noticed the title to this post and decided to put my two cents in. I feel sorry that these outher two posts have been negative but I'd like to put some positivity to this restaurant. I had a wonderful experience when I went, and I am actually a regular to this establishment. Everything I have ordered from the menu this far has been wonderful and service has always been great. I actually had a chance to talk to one of the owners as well and she is a wonderful lady. To open the restaurant has been a dream for her and her husband. I also think the menu is semi- authentic as it contains a couple of my childhood favorites, Walnut Shrimp and the Garden Fish. Not sure what the first post wanted as authentic... roast pigs and ducks in the windows? Think that might scare some people away. I've been born and raised in the Greater Phoenix area and the areas that have "authentic" restaurants are in the areas of Phoenix where there are high populations of Asians. Jade is a very affordable place, big portions, and delightful food. If you're in the area, please check it out for yourself.

      1. re: cyliang

        I appreciate you taking the time to post. As the OP was from out of town and has never posted again, and the second responder didn't actually eat here, it's always nice to read another viewpoint!

        1. re: Rubee

          I would like to point out why the "second poster" didn't actually eat there.

          Because we couldn't get service. What I saw on other people plates, who were actually being served, looked good. But what good does it do if the service was terrible and then completely unapologetic?

          1. re: fluffitude

            Um, you took that the wrong way. I was simply noting that one of two negative posts wasn't actually about the food. We live in North Phoenix, so it's nice to have another viewpoint regarding the menu, as I mentioned.

            Jade Fine Chinese Dining
            34455 N 27th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85085

          2. re: Rubee

            My girlfriend and I have eaten there, and let me tell you that it is a huge letdown. none of these people are exagerating. The grade of beef is not what they advertise on the menu. we ordered filet mignon and they tried to serve us salisbury steak. Most people that dont know the difference wouldnt have realized it so they probobly got away with it in the past. When we have ordered for takeout they tried to overcharge us 10 dollars and when my girlfriend the lady at the front (im thinking it was the owner) argued with her. The portions of food was large but when you are served dog food it doesnt make a difference. we threw out almost everything we ordered. But needless to say we ate in house once ordered out once. NEVER again. I saw that the palace closed down and a place called Tao Kitchen #2 opened in its place, I picked up a menu and it is owned by the same people, The menu has not changed except the prices (which have gone up). I guess when you get enough bad reviews you are forced to change the name of the restaurant. any postings that are 5 stars are written by the owners themselves.
            This place was so bad my girlfriend didnt eat chinese food for almost 6 months till i was recommended to go to golden bowl over on 32nd street and cactus, which we both enjoyed and continue to go to.

            32nd Cafe
            2822 N 32nd St Ste 1, Phoenix, AZ 85008

            1. re: harssk

              Are you sure that it was salisbury steak? Maybe you meant to say strip steak, skirt steak, or something else that starts with an S?

              I cannot imagine anyone mistaking salisbury steak for an actual piece of meat in it's true form. Most folks do know the difference, I am comfortable saying this. And I am comfortable saying that there has never been salibury steak at any chinese take-out that I have been to in my life. Thankfully.

              1. re: Robinez

                I think you misunderstood. I said salibury steak with an extreme amount of sarcasm. The meat was horrible, and definably not fillet mignon.
                Main point, don't eat their!

                1. re: harssk

                  Well, when one uses dog food as a reference in the same post, it is hard to not misunderstand, I suppose...

              2. re: harssk

                harssk - are you completely sure it's the same owners? if so, thanks for the info and i'm really upset. i was hoping we were actually going to have a good chinese restaurant in the hood. there is a tao kitchen in peoria that gets good reviews on urbanspoon and yelp...are these two restaurants not related?

                1. re: jnineaz

                  No the two are not related. The one I am reffering to is tao kitchen #2. That's the official name of it. Yes I am sure its the same place. Same menu, different name. So I am willing to bet same people. Easier to put a new name on a bad Resturant than to fight the bad reviews.

                  1. re: harssk

                    It is NOT the same owner as Jade was.
                    The food is amazing.
                    You need to try it!

                  2. re: jnineaz

                    Yes, Tao Kitchen #2 is related to the Tao Kitchen in Peoria.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. My husband and I went back after the name change/new ownership. We were very pleased when our soup arrived. I ordered the shrimp wonton and was SO pleased to find the shrimp tender and not overcooked.*

              Ok, I am not making the following up. this really happened (we could hardly believe it ourselves). As we waited for our main courses, we began to realize that people who had come in after us were being served. It was hard to believe that the same thing that happened to us with the previous owners was happening again. But, it was. Finally, p'ssed off, we got up and went to the register to leave. The gentleman was dumbfounded and found out that the order had mistakenly not been put through. He could not have been more apologetic and seemed genuinely upset (not like the previous owners who shrugged and charged us for our tea).. He wanted us to stay and promised it would be right up. However, we had come in with some time constraints and I explained we couldn't wait anymore but would give them a second chance. He refused to let us pay for the excellent soup (or our tea) and we left.

              So...we went back several weeks later. And the food was wonderful. Although the seafood soup was not as flavorable as the shrimp wonton, it was good. The entrees, chicken lo mein and twice cooked pork were tasty - I love the almost sweet black bean sauce on the pork. We also noticed that we were not on salt overload afterward. So, we would go back and are delighted that we have an actual Chinese food restaurant in our neighborhood.

              *Side note: why is it that unless you go to a (very) high end restaurant in this city, you cannot get seafood that hasn't been cooked to "death." My husband says I'm a seafood snob, as I lived in Florida for almost ten years and became spoiled. It's not snobbery to know how long something should be cooked, is it? why does shrimp always come as little super balls?