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Feb 28, 2010 05:14 PM

London- your three favorite places for dinner, money no object- not looking for fancy- just good food

thanks in advance

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  1. River Cafe has merit. It's pricey and on everyone's yesterday radar but worthwhile nonetheless.

    Further down the price chain is Cigala. Tapas for the rest of us.

    I like Korean food. Asadal is pretty authentic, pretty good.

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    1. re: steve h.

      River Cafe may be very popular over the next months as people go there to pay homage to Rose Gray who died yesterday (28/2).

      A true force for change in the UK restaurant scene, who influenced many chefs and home cooks (via her books) to cook simple food were the ingredients were centre stage. She leaves a fantastic legacy.

    2. maze in grosvenor square is lovely, best pork belly ive ever tried

      1. I had a fantastic lunch at Hibiscus a few weeks ago - couldn't fault one thing. Go for the tasting menu, it truly is an experience.

        1. I would choose Viet Grill in Kingsland road - Kastoori in Tooting and Leongs Legend in Chinatown.
          Really enjoyed skylon the other night and maze was good too.

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            I used to really like Viet Grill but the standard has dropped considerably in my last couple of visits - there's better Vietnamese places around the area (on another thread...).

            1. re: pj26

              i had the five spice beef which restored my faith in them with a lovely egg fried rice! Its weird how such a simple thing is so easy to get wrong - I think mien thai is actually my favourite but its such a small place - don't want it to get crowded - oops.