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Feb 28, 2010 05:07 PM

Evo Bistro in Mclean

Just got home from eating at Evo Bistro and must say it was horrible. We ordered the calamari and morrocan shrimp to start. Calamari were ok, regular frozen restaurant quality, nothing special. The morrocan shrimp were horrible, it tasted like they poured the whole container of salt on them. My GF ordered the Mushroom risotto and i ordered the Crabmeat risotto. Both risottos were undercooked, rice very hard and all we could taste was the wine, no flavor at all, none.

I would def not recommend this place. If you dont take my warning at least please stay away from the risotto...

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  1. Oh my goodness. Evo Bistro is the only restaurant in McLean that I have enjoyed.

    1. I actually know they use fresh calamari. Perhaps you went on an off night? I have been a bunch of times and the food has never been an issue (in fact, I think their food is quite good).

      1. I used to work near Evo and went a couple of times. Went after work w/ group of friends. The calamari and other apps that we ordered just got progressively more greasy every time we went! I agree with the original post.

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          I also agree with the original post. Go to have a glass of wine - avoid the food.

        2. Went there for first time last night. I had encountered their cuisine at a French Embassy event, and looked forward to the experience. It is an average restaurant. Very noisy, very crowded. Food was OK. Olives that were no different from jarred. Tuna tartare that was fishy without substance, grilled artichokes that seemed very dry. Squash ravioli was memorable, but small portion, and decent chocolate bread pudding. This is a strip mall restaurant, and fits the genre. Very disappointing.

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            I'm surprised to read these reports. I've been there once for lunch and three times for dinner. Good though a tad overpriced. I've never had the calamari so can't comment on that. We have had various fish entrees and they've always been very good. I just checked the menu and it looks like the dinner menu has moved away from the tapas option though it seems to still be available at lunch. Anyway, I wouldn't rave about Evo Bistro but it is a good local option.

            I wouldn't judge any restaurant by a catered event unless they were able to actually do the cooking on site. Travel is never kind to food.