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Feb 28, 2010 04:18 PM

Looking for a great appetizers for baby shower...

I am making those meatballs with the grape jelly and need another. (I know, I know, but they are popular).

I would like something inexpensive and can be served at room temperature. Easy would be helpful. I really would like something different than deviled eggs. It's for 50 people and I am prepping things the day ahead.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'll be doing my daughter's shower in October; glad you started this thread so I can bite some far, I've come up with oven dried salami crisps to which I'll add some poblano crema and a crumble of queso fresco and miniature cheese crisps (not sure if they'll be parmesan, I'm leaning toward smoked gouda) which will be formed into cups and filled with a tiny micro salad.

    Gourmet deviled eggs are popular and not expensive; I made three varieties for a catering and they went over well..smoked salmon & dill; chorizo sausage, and the basic mayo/mustard/pickle relish/onion; I made them a day ahead for 100

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      Deviled egg can take many forms and with a little imagination can be fun.

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        i made a batch last night for a st patrick's dinner party. devilled with dijon, mayo and sriracha and dressed with salmon roe. color them gone. i served with a salad vinaigrette and a seared scallop on a tapas size plate.

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        I love the salad cup idea, thanks.
        Do you have the recipe for the salami crisps?
        And wow, devilled eggs for 100... :) Can you come help me? lol!

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          There really is no recipe for the crisps themselves; basically you get some thinly sliced salami, place it onto a rack on top of a baking sheet. Into the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350F. degrees. If your oven cooks fast, check it every few minutes after about 15 minutes until they are crisp like a potato chip. Remove from oven and cool.

          I've done this with proscuitto also and I really don't like salami but when it's crispy and I can use it as a vessel for other things, it taste better to me. If you don't have a rack, you can use a parchment or baking paper lined sheet pan; lay the meat out flat and into the oven. In this way, you may have to keep a better eye out for it because it's on a hot sheet pan and prone to scorching faster. I love using the proscuitto on salads...

          The toppings can be anything you want to put on it. For the poblano chile sauce, it's basically poblano chiles, tomatillos, garlic & onion roasted until the chile skins darken (I do mine in the oven) then when cooled, remove skin and seeds. Add everything to a food processor with some ground cumin, oregano, s & p, a little fresh lime juice and a little mexican crema or sour cream; pulse a few times to blend (leave it a little chunky) and it's good to go. Use it to top the crisps then crumble a little queso fresco over the top. Garnish with a sprig of cilantro or parsley. It does not have to be the same; use your imagination to come up with what you like.

          1. re: Cherylptw

            fyi-pregnant ladies aren't supposed to eat queso fresco. Not trying to be the pregnancy police, I'm just pregnant right now and unpasteurized cheese is one thing I have to avoid. It would be a shame if the guest of honor couldn't eat the food! :-)

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              I thought if it's cooked/baked it's okay, no?

              1. re: mcel215

                But it's not - it's crumbled on top after baking. Baked is fine.

      3. Tea sandwiches, mini quiches, other savory tartlets...
        Loads of great room temp app ideas here: and search results using "baby shower":

        Hope that helps,

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          Thanks for the links. Don't have mini cupcake pan, but I'll try to borrow a couple!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Soup shooters in spoons or shot glasses - gazpacho or vichyssoise

            Pinwheels - spread tortillas with cream cheese, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, basil and some white balsamic vinegar; roll up and slice

            Spinach Filled Shells - fill pastry shells with cooked chopped spinach, feta, cottage cheese, eggs, salt and pepper, then bake

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            1. re: Emme

              Are those shells expensive? Thanks for your ideas.

                1. re: mcel215

                  Another edible cup idea is to use baked wonton wrappers. Drape wonton wrappers over a lighted oil muffin tin, 375 for no more than 5 mins. They bake very quickly. Then the cups are suitable for any type of filling. I just made a quick batch and filled them with lemon curd, fresh berries and coconut shreds. So easy, very economical.

              1. I really like the idea of tea sandwiches. That is perfect for a shower. Also I recently served this creamy hummus for a wedding shower and it was a huge hit. It is very simple to make, you can prepare it a day in advance and it is cheap to make.


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                  I like tea sandwiches also, but we are having sandwiches as part of the main meal, so I was looking for something different.

                  I don't cater, so I don't know how portable 'dips' are for going to a table and taking a dish back to your seat. How did you serve your hummus? Not too messy?