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Looking for a great appetizers for baby shower...

I am making those meatballs with the grape jelly and need another. (I know, I know, but they are popular).

I would like something inexpensive and can be served at room temperature. Easy would be helpful. I really would like something different than deviled eggs. It's for 50 people and I am prepping things the day ahead.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'll be doing my daughter's shower in October; glad you started this thread so I can bite some ideas...so far, I've come up with oven dried salami crisps to which I'll add some poblano crema and a crumble of queso fresco and miniature cheese crisps (not sure if they'll be parmesan, I'm leaning toward smoked gouda) which will be formed into cups and filled with a tiny micro salad.

    Gourmet deviled eggs are popular and not expensive; I made three varieties for a catering and they went over well..smoked salmon & dill; chorizo sausage, and the basic mayo/mustard/pickle relish/onion; I made them a day ahead for 100

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      Deviled egg can take many forms and with a little imagination can be fun.

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        i made a batch last night for a st patrick's dinner party. devilled with dijon, mayo and sriracha and dressed with salmon roe. color them gone. i served with a salad vinaigrette and a seared scallop on a tapas size plate.

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        I love the salad cup idea, thanks.
        Do you have the recipe for the salami crisps?
        And wow, devilled eggs for 100... :) Can you come help me? lol!

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          There really is no recipe for the crisps themselves; basically you get some thinly sliced salami, place it onto a rack on top of a baking sheet. Into the oven for 20-25 minutes at 350F. degrees. If your oven cooks fast, check it every few minutes after about 15 minutes until they are crisp like a potato chip. Remove from oven and cool.

          I've done this with proscuitto also and I really don't like salami but when it's crispy and I can use it as a vessel for other things, it taste better to me. If you don't have a rack, you can use a parchment or baking paper lined sheet pan; lay the meat out flat and into the oven. In this way, you may have to keep a better eye out for it because it's on a hot sheet pan and prone to scorching faster. I love using the proscuitto on salads...

          The toppings can be anything you want to put on it. For the poblano chile sauce, it's basically poblano chiles, tomatillos, garlic & onion roasted until the chile skins darken (I do mine in the oven) then when cooled, remove skin and seeds. Add everything to a food processor with some ground cumin, oregano, s & p, a little fresh lime juice and a little mexican crema or sour cream; pulse a few times to blend (leave it a little chunky) and it's good to go. Use it to top the crisps then crumble a little queso fresco over the top. Garnish with a sprig of cilantro or parsley. It does not have to be the same; use your imagination to come up with what you like.

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            fyi-pregnant ladies aren't supposed to eat queso fresco. Not trying to be the pregnancy police, I'm just pregnant right now and unpasteurized cheese is one thing I have to avoid. It would be a shame if the guest of honor couldn't eat the food! :-)

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              I thought if it's cooked/baked it's okay, no?

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                But it's not - it's crumbled on top after baking. Baked is fine.

      3. Tea sandwiches, mini quiches, other savory tartlets...
        Loads of great room temp app ideas here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/660076 and search results using "baby shower":

        Hope that helps,

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          Thanks for the links. Don't have mini cupcake pan, but I'll try to borrow a couple!

        2. Soup shooters in spoons or shot glasses - gazpacho or vichyssoise

          Pinwheels - spread tortillas with cream cheese, kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, feta, basil and some white balsamic vinegar; roll up and slice

          Spinach Filled Shells - fill pastry shells with cooked chopped spinach, feta, cottage cheese, eggs, salt and pepper, then bake

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            Are those shells expensive? Thanks for your ideas.

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                Another edible cup idea is to use baked wonton wrappers. Drape wonton wrappers over a lighted oil muffin tin, 375 for no more than 5 mins. They bake very quickly. Then the cups are suitable for any type of filling. I just made a quick batch and filled them with lemon curd, fresh berries and coconut shreds. So easy, very economical.

            1. I really like the idea of tea sandwiches. That is perfect for a shower. Also I recently served this creamy hummus for a wedding shower and it was a huge hit. It is very simple to make, you can prepare it a day in advance and it is cheap to make.


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                I like tea sandwiches also, but we are having sandwiches as part of the main meal, so I was looking for something different.

                I don't cater, so I don't know how portable 'dips' are for going to a table and taking a dish back to your seat. How did you serve your hummus? Not too messy?

              2. Prepare the dough for Hamantaschen and fold the dough into diaper shapes, then fill with deviled egg. Add some chopped shallots, paprika and a dash of tabasco to the dough as well as the egg mixture for a savory appetizer. They're a conversation starter and a crowd pleaser.

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                  Always a hit at every gathering (one Thanksgiving it beat out the turkey) is 7 layer dip. Not very fancy if you are planning a more elegant layout but so good.

                  Layer evenly in 9 X 13 pyrex dish or throwaway foil pan.

                  2 cans refried beans
                  1 container guacamole
                  pint of sour cream
                  a jar of salsa
                  grated cheese
                  sliced olives
                  sliced green onions
                  (optional - chopped tomatos and/or jalapenos)

                  serve with chips

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                    "1 container guacamole"
                    NO. Use fresh avocado

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                    Don't make my own dough, but would wonton wrappers work you think?

                  3. Thanks all, I kind of know all of these already. I should have mentioned that I was looking for finger food, like a 'piece' of something.
                    I did see on one of the blogs that someone did shrimp salad/egg salad in wonton cups (pressed and baked a mini cupcake tin), and thought that would be do-able.

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                      Oops, you already had the wonton wrapper idea (sorry didn't read thru). I love the lightness of the wrappers.

                      1. re: HillJ

                        Thanks Hill, I love the wonton wrapper idea........ haven't tried it yet though!

                    2. Now that's confusing because most of the suggestions on here are for finger foods

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                        Loads of good suggestions here...some I need to make note of for later. It could be the OP was thinking dips might be drippy/messy?

                        I like the idea of salad in parmesan cups - very cute. Deviled eggs for 100? wowsa. I have a recipe for green eggs & ham inspired deviled eggs I've been meaning to try - green from spinach and the "ham" being bacon.

                        I've done mango chicken in wonton cups for other parties they disappeared quick but like deviled eggs easy and relatively inexpensive but labor intensive in the assembly dept... If it were me and I was set on meatballs I'd consider baked brie packages or the spinach filled shells Emme mentioned. Mini quiches or strata cut two-bite size would work too...

                        Ok I'm off to the kitchen :)

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                          Thanks, mango chicken in wonton cups sound great.

                          1. re: mcel215


                            This is the recipe I (mostIy) follow... I don't fry the cups I brush them with oil and bake them and I add a bit of fresh mango when I have it. Enjoy :)

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                            To be truthful about the eggs, I didn't cook them; they were ordered already hardboiled from a food supplier in 5 gallon buckets. I did have to peel them though but it's amazing the kind of partially ready food you can get from the supplier these days.

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                            Sorry, when I logged on last night, all of the posts would not expand (must have had a glitch).

                            There are lots of great ideas here, you are so right! :)

                          4. Some friends broughtover prociutto bundles that were delicious. Instead of wrapping the procuitto around melon, she put a cube of melon on a paperthin slice of procuitto and made a beggars bundle and stuck a toothpick through the final product. they were one bite marvels.

                            1. Gougeres!! You can make them well in advance and freeze them or reheat day old ones--both survive very well. I also like to offer a sweet option, and so small, delicate cookies (gingersnaps, Maida Heatter's crazy chocolate ones) also are a good option and can be made, formed, frozen, then baked at your convenience. Mini quiches (or big ones cut into squares) and a platter of hummus, grilled veggies, flatbread, and olives always goes over well.

                              1. My sister makes these fantastic ham and asparagus wraps. She just steams a bunch of asparagus and buys thin slices of ham from the deli. Lay a piece of ham flat, spread it with a thin layer of cream cheese, and roll it up around a piece of the steamed asparagus. Then just slice them into little bite-sized pieces. They're a hit at every party, easy to make ahead of time, and a great app because they're not too filling.

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                                  that sounds good with some herbed cream cheese

                                2. Thanks everyone,

                                  You are all pretty amazing with your ideas.

                                  I have been making this Salsa for a few years now, adapted it from a friend. I am thinking of making the wonton cups and serving this Salsa inside. I'll report back. It's a fabulous recipe, so I thought I would share it as a thank you.

                                  ~ Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa ~

                                  1 pound package frozen niblet corn thawed
                                  3 Tblsp olive oil

                                  1 Tblsp. salt
                                  1 Tsp cumin powder
                                  6 Tblsp fresh lime juice
                                  5 Tblsp oil
                                  2 Tblsp cider vinegar
                                  1 cup chopped cilantro
                                  1 small, chopped red onion
                                  4 plum tomatoes chopped
                                  2 jalapeno peppers chopped
                                  1 red pepper chopped
                                  2-3 cloves of garlic, minced

                                  2 15 oz. cans black beans, drained and rinsed
                                  4 large avacados chopped

                                  ~ Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Toss corn with 3 T. oil on baking sheet. Bake for 15-18 minutes until golden brown stirring frequently.
                                  ~ Combine salt, cumin, lime juice, oil and vinegar. Shake well in a jar.
                                  ~ In a large bowl, combine rest of chopped ingredients. Add beans and
                                  corn. Add avocado, and dressing last and toss gently.
                                  ~ Refrigerate for up to 6 hours. Serve same day you make it.

                                  1. I made these mini shrimp cakes and they were easy and awesome-I skipped the bacon a couple of times, because that was an extra albeit delicious step. You could probably substitute canned salmon for the shrimp and keep down the cost....but a dozen shrimp isn't too pricey... it makes 48 cakes with 1 dozen shrimp.


                                    1. samosas or cocktail spring rolls
                                      since you mentioned the grape jelly (I've had that once in my life and sorry I didn't care for it). But for inexpensive ideas, tthere are those easy little appetizers that are salami with cream cheese and a pepperocini held together with a toothpick. I made those for my son's Super Bowl party per his request. I think chopping the peppers and mixing with the cream cheese is nice. The peppers had a nice heat.
                                      Poppers are also good for gatherings, stuff with cream cheese or cheddar.

                                      1. Dirty Diapers


                                        I,ve also seen these made w/onion soup mix

                                        1. Did you have the shower already? If not, consider making a Spanish tortilla - you can't get much cheaper than eggs and potatoes.

                                          I made one for a shower recently (see this thread for recipes and discussion http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/690363). I cut it into small squares (roughtly a two-bite portion) instead of the usual wedges. You could top each square with a little dollop of garlic mayo or red pepper sauce to make it look pretty.

                                          You would probably need to make several tortillas for your party of 50...make them the day before, wrap 'em up and put 'em in the fridge, then slice and serve the next day.

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                                            No, the shower is next Saturday afternoon. I am most likely going to mix some chives in softened cream cheese and spread it on thinly sliced salami. Then roll it up like a trumpet and use toothpicks to hold them together. I was looking for food that typically can be put on a plate and taken to a seat. While I love the idea of my roasted corn and bean salsa, I didn't want cook 100 wanton wrappers to hold the salsa. And I didn't think that using scoops with a teaspoonful of salsa, would hold up too well either. With no oven available, I wanted things I could do the morning of and transport in trays to the hall.
                                            The meatballs in the chili/grape sauce are pretty portable as well.
                                            It's not something I usually make for people, but it will have to do for that large of a group.
                                            Thanks for asking though. BTW, your link didn't work, reads 'page not found'.

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                                              Best of luck with the shower. In terms of gimlis1mum's link I think if you backspace out the bracket and period you'll find the link will work.

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                                                First, slightly off topic, but mcel215 - have you ever heard of Stuart McLean. He's a Canadian storyteller and he tells the tales of "Dave and Morley". Anyway, one of the stories, that has me laughing every Christmas tells the story of Morley and her desire to impress a neighbor by using Martha Stewart's recipe for cream cheese dip rolled in salami. I can't do it justice, but if you ever get a chance to listen to "Polly Anderson's Christmas Party" you might enjoy it.

                                                Now on topic, I like that combo a lot, but I'm a HUGE fan of bruschetta. You can buy the toasted crackers, make the tomato bruschetta the night before, and the morning of just plate and serve.

                                                Also, I LOVE crackers spread with goat cheese and either roasted beets or drizzled in honey (but I'm not sure about goat cheese and pregnancy). A little rosemary is nice too.

                                                Artichoke Hearts marinated in thyme and orange juice wrapped in proscuitto is also nice.

                                                I also made these awesome savory muffins with cheddar, rosemary and scallions. In a mini-muffin tin they would make great apps. If your interested I'll send you the full recipe.

                                                1. re: mickeygee

                                                  Thanks, I like the idea of the bruschetta as well, but wasn't looking forward to baking all of that bread. Now I remember that Costco sells a bag of pre-baked bruschetta, great idea.

                                                  1. re: mcel215

                                                    Where in Costco do you find these? (I have a baby shower in May for about 25)

                                                    1. re: Berheenia

                                                      They are called Nonnie's Panitini (sp?), and although not a 'true' bruschetta, they worked perfectly.

                                            2. I am remembering another one that's not too difficult. The lady that gave the shower took a large - huge, flour tortilla. She smeared it with a mix of chive/scallion and cream cheese thinned with a little milk or cream. Then she layered the soft leaf lettuce over it all. That would be butter/Boston or even red leaf would be fine. Then she layered roast beef from the deli ( you can use any deli meat you want, turkey would be nice) and then tomato thinly sliced and a sprinkle of grated hard boiled eggs salt and pepper. You can add red roasted pepper, or olives to the cream cheese, so many options. Then rolled it up tight in plastic wrap overnight. Then the next day sliced it before plating. Super yummy.
                                              Might not work though if you're serving sandwiches, but a certainly a nice one for parties in the future. I always forget to make this and its one of my favorites.

                                              You can mash avocado, layer cheeses (not for this event) or whatever combo you can think of. Have fun at your event!

                                              1. i posted the way i did devilled eggs but another way to go would be a small square of puff pastry, topped with a slice of hard-boiled egg and a dollop of creme fraiche topped with a small spoonful of salmon roe.

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                                                    Meat baby?! Will wonders never cease.

                                                    1. re: maplesugar

                                                      OK...maybe not entirely appropriate...

                                                      1. re: runwestierun

                                                        If only because the OP needs something that can be served at room temp... nevermind the visual...I can eat a cake 'baby' but meat baby just is a bit too Halloween for me :)

                                                    2. re: runwestierun

                                                      That is so funny!

                                                      While we are on the subject of questionable baby shower snacks, at a friend's baby shower they did this gross but funny thing. Melted chocolate bars served in a diaper. The mom to be had to sample the diaper and guess the type of chocolate bar. The Mr Goodbar one was the hit of the party. LOL!

                                                    3. I have two great dips I make often:
                                                      1. Pepperoni Pizza dip I cook the pepperoni on paper towels in the microwave to remove some of the grease before making the dip.

                                                      2. Buffalo Wing Dip

                                                      Both of these dishes work well, can be prepared the night before, and are excellent with assorted crackers and breads.

                                                      1. --crudite with dip
                                                        --cubed cheeses with crackers
                                                        --small toasts topped with lemon-dijon and smoked salmon or trout
                                                        --sliced fruit, or fruit salad with yogurt-honey
                                                        --small red potatoes topped w/sour cream & chives
                                                        --pre-cooked & de-veined shrimp w/cocktail sauce

                                                        1. Reporting back, thanks everyone!

                                                          i used Nonnie's Panatini (sp?) and spread a thin layer of cream cheese, then a layer of olive tapanade, a sliver of roasted red pepper and chopped fresh pasley.

                                                          Everyone loved both appetizers.

                                                          1. Some really great ideas here. I with others are hosting a baby show for my daughter in Jan 2011.
                                                            Theme is "around the world" would love some ideas (the more the better) for international finger foods, hot or cold to go with the theme. No country is off limits, Please if it requires a recipe, post it, so my job is easier. Some desserts would add to the flair. There will be about 25 guests there.

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                                                            1. re: budsweeds

                                                              From France: Roast tiny baby red potatoes in olive oil with herbs until crusty, and serve at room temp with picks and a garlic aioli.

                                                              1. re: budsweeds

                                                                Satay skewers - i do chicken and do a riff on Bittman's Satay Sauce marinade, then boil marinade down for dipping sauce

                                                                Baba Ghanoush filled cucumber cups - i like to add a dash of cumin to my baba ghanoush

                                                                Mini Parmesan Polenta Rounds topped with a dollop of ratatouille or tapenade

                                                                Mini Taco Bites

                                                                Spanokopita Triangles

                                                                BBQ Meatballs

                                                                Spiced Roasted Chickpeas

                                                                Mini Quiche/Frittata Bites

                                                                Spring Rolls