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Feb 28, 2010 04:15 PM

Where do you shop for wine in LV/Hend?

I find wine buying in Las Vegas frustrating because of the lack of retail stores that carry small producer wines and wines that speak of a certain place as opposed to mass produced wines under a giant conglomerate. On occasion I find wines from great importers like eric solomon, bobby kacher, jorge ordonez, becky wasserman, but there are mostly at top restaurants. I love going to Marche Bacchus, but their wines are geared towards diners (which is GREAT), but when i restock the home wine fridge, I can't buy a $80.00 burgundy to drink on tues. So where do you shop? What do you like for value?
(I realize that an $80.00 burgundy CAN be a great value sometimes, but I'm talking about lower price points.)

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  1. If you're in Henderson, try Valley Cheese & Wine at Valle Verde & Horizon Ridge.

    They're a "mom & pop" independent store that offers plenty of small wine labels. Try calling them tomorrow at (702) 341-8191 and ask if they're carrying what you're looking for this week.

    1. For the very reasons you mention, I am quite a fan of KL wines.( They have stores in Hollywood, San Fran, and Redwood. Granted, you can only use them in the cooler months as the delivery is not temperature controlled; however, the selection and pricing are great. It is where I restock those awesome value wines perfect for drinking on a random weekday.