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Feb 28, 2010 04:11 PM

Rincon Chileno - Delicious Empenadas

I went to the counter section, not the restaurant next door. They have many different pastries and 3 kinds of empenadas: beef, chicken and cheese. I chose one chicken and one beef.

He heated them up, and WHOA!!! The chicken empenada was the best I've ever had. Moist and flavorful inside, with plenty of filling consisting of chicken, onion, potato, and even hard boiled egg. The crust was done perfectly, with an egg wash over the top to give it that shine. This was a delight.

The beef empenada was also quite good, but a little more greasy than the chicken version, of course due to the amount of fat in beef versus chicken. But overall, also a pretty good empenada.

I would travel here for the chicken empenada, in fact I'll probably travel there tomorrow to have another one and try the corn tamale. Maybe I'll squeeze in one of the pastries, too.

Rincon Chileno
4354 Melrose (at Heliotrope, 1 block east of the Normandie/Melrose offramp of the 101 north)
Los Angeles
(323) 666-6075

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  1. The same owners also have a deli with best empenadas and some other great stuff in Lawndale. I think it's on Hawthorn and 154th street in a little mini mall on the east side of the Ave... The best part is the green salsa that come with them, its very, very good and I always get a tub or two extra at a nominal cost... ($2.00) It's great on everything!!!

    BTW, my GF and her entire family are from Chile so the restaurant and deli are heartily approved by the people who know the real thing!!!

    Saw the restaurant on the news last night as I think knbc went there looking for reaction to the quake... Thank God all my GF's peeps seem to have made it OK...

    Although, the empenadas from the El Gaucho Market on Ingelwood (Argentine) eaten with the green salsa from Rincon Chileno is really the stuff that dreams are made of... according to Bogey and this gringo!!!!