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Feb 28, 2010 04:02 PM

Looking for a good asian market for Thai items

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a good asian market that carries high quality kaffir limes and lime leaves, fish sauce, thai bird chiles, dried shrimp, fresh tamarind. and green papaya. I know that its a tall order. I do expect to drive around the city a little bit. I have been to the international market and small asian markets in my area (rainbow and robindale). Any help would be appreciated!!
If you have a recommendation on specific brands for fish sauce and coconut milk I will gladly entertain all opinions. Thanks!

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  1. I do realize that some things might be out of season and will wait until it comes around.

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    1. re: SinCityHound

      99 Ranch in Chinatown on Spring Mountain Rd. should have all of what you need.

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        You should do quite well at 99 Ranch, and if you do not find any particular items, 168 Market on Spring Mountain and Jones, a little over a mile west, is also worth a try.

    2. Try 99 Market on Spring Mountain, SF Vietnamese Market on Spring Mountain or Bangkok Market on Flamingo and Decatur. Bangkok Market is quite small but is one of the only specific "Thai" markets around.

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        I'm glad you mentioned Bangkok Market because the store also offers more in the way of Thai paraphernalia and cooking utensils than the others, as well as non-food items, than the others. Nice folks, too. The market is small and haphazard, but it's worth asking if you want something you don't see displayed -- there's stuff in the back out of sight.