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Feb 28, 2010 04:00 PM

Point Judith - Any thoughts cuisine in Point Judith?

Any suggestions from coffee, to seafood, to fine dining welcome. Any thoughts on farmers markets or fresh seafood? Thanks

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  1. In the immediate vicinity you have seafood, seafood, and more seafood.

    Aunt Carries and Champlins top my list with Georges and Iggys running not too far behind.

    Spain has pretty good spanish food; Im no connoisseur of this type of cuisine but I have friend who really enjoy the Paella. Its not overly expensive and you will want to dress business casual at bare minimum.

    The only other place I can think of is Charlie O's - opitimy of a sports bar. Lots od URi students hang here during the school year. Decent pub food.

    The only coffe you will find in the area is Dunkin Donuts.

    I have never heard of any farmers markets in the area but there are farms nearby and most have roadside stands or small shops set up - but these are 15 minutes + away.

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      Very helpful - Thanks - I appreciate it. I am thinking of spending a week in the area this summer - and do not know much about it - so thank you.

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        Quite close to Point Judith, on Rte 108: Farmers' Market every Sunday morning in the summer, at Fishermen's Memorial Park. Every Sunday May to October 9AM to 1PM.

      2. You have in no particular order:

        Crazy Burger
        Tutle Soup
        Matunuck Oyster Bar is about 10 minutes away
        Cheeky Monkey

        For coffee it is a short jump to the salt pond marina and "JAVA MADNESS" or The coffee and Bagel connection in bonnet shores

        1. My perfect day in the Point Judith area is a stop at Allies donuts in the morning, a stop at Calvittos bakery in Narragansett for some (RI only) red sauce pizza strips and cold calzones (they make a wonderful lunch on the beach!!! Sun Sand and Surf at Scarborough and then a seafood dinner at Aunt Carries.

          I have not tried Crazy Burger - it was on Diners Drive ins and Divers a few months ago if that is your type of thing.

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            So now Mr. Fieri is going underwater for his goodies!! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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              But Crazy Burger was a wonderful local treasure long before Guy appeared on the scene....

            2. Java Madness is a little coffeeshop right on the water in a marina, about 5-10 minutes away in Wakefield - this gives you an option to Dunkin Donuts...

              The Wakefield farmer's market doesn't happen in the winter, so you'd have to go to Peacedale:

              1. There's also a nice farmer's market on Sunday mornings at the Fishermen's Park at the end of Point Judith road where it meets the Galilee Escape Road.