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Feb 28, 2010 03:13 PM

Large-group brunch in the Castro

I need to organize a weekend brunch for a very large group (around 15-18) as close to Castro & Market as possible. I saw that 2223 has an event room they rent out, so that's high on my list. Anyone know of anywhere else in the area that's delicious and also might be able to accommodate such a large party?

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  1. You might try StarBelly. If you go early enough, maybe they could accommodate your party in the main area. I doubt they have a separate room. Unfortunately, I feel that many restaurants in the castro are disappointing in deliciousness. Be prepared to pay a hefty surcharge if you book a separate room. Good luck!

    1. How about Chow? Or maybe Home? I haven't been there in years but I imagine they could handle your group.

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        Chow is quite nice, but I don't think the configuration would accomodate a large group. How about Cafe Flore?

        1. re: chuckl

          Sorry but as enjoyable as Cafe Flore is, I don't think it qualifies on either count; delicious and able to accomodate a large group.
          I think 2223 is your best bet in the area.

      2. Thanks, all -- for the advice and for the heads up on the surcharge. I'm going to do some menu perusing and calling around to the places you all recommended and I'll letcha know what I find out.

        PS: Honestly, this is an out of town group and I am the one who probably cares most about the deliciousness factor. The others will probably be chiefly preoccupied with portion size and ambiance. :)

        1. 2223 is one of my favorite restaurants in all of San Francisco, let alone the Castro. highly recommend