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Culver City grubbin?

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im kinda new to the area [live just around sony studios] and would like some good spots for food. Places that Ive tried:

Cafe Brasil - awesome, I patronize at least once a week...
Mexican bakery near Cafe B - great, go there for cookies, apparently the food is good [have yet to test]
[Little market on residential street] - edible to good sandwiches, but its nice to have that market
daphne's - my GI tract is not a fan and neither are my taste buds for that mater...
cafe laurent - good, but not as good as i wish it was
sunny grill - weird blend of independent restaurant and fast food - good and very friendly staff

cold stone - very good for non-gourmet ice cream...a bit too rich though
fat burger - taste buds love it while the GI tract hates it
in n out - duh! im a cali native and i wish i could buy stock in that company
baja fresh - love the bare burrito
Natalee Thai -its good but im not the biggest fan of thai
Backstage bar - ventured in once briefly and that place freaked me out...maybe i am missing something...

specific questions
How are those restaurants near cafe brasil?
How is Red Brick pizza [i dont expect much]?
how is that indian restaurant near cafe brasil?
how is frolic room?
how is dear johns?

thanks for any input, i hope that somebody finds this post useful...

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  1. If you like ethnic foods, Metro Cafe is about 0.8 miles from Cafe Brasil. It's run by two cool Serbian dudes who serves good food (including breakfast) at low prices. The menu runs from the usual diner fare to eclectic Eastern European dishes I can't pronounce. They're located by the Travelodge on Washington. On Tuesdays, they make this great bean soup that I've been unable to find elsewhere in L.A.

    Metro Cafe
    11188 Washington Bl.
    Culver City

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      Tacomiendo on Inglewood. Great, cheap tacos (try the adobado).

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        El Abajeno also on Ingelwood made an excellent lunch yesterday. I had the Fiesta Plate with Chili Verde, Carnitas, Chilli Relleno and the best beans and red rice ever. Even the tortillas are good. It is enough food for 2 people but I was detrmined to finish it myself. I almost made it. Well worth a try or 2 or 3.

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        Metro Cafe is a Serb cafe that offers american diner food as well as some Serbian specialties.

        Near Culver City, on Overland near the Westside Pavilion is Aroma Cafe with Bosnian takes on Balkan food (no ham probably in the bean soup).

        Also, Palms is close - there's Hu's Szechwan, Indo Cafe (indonesian not indian), an ok gueleguetza and the Irish Times, if you want an Irish bar (run by Irish immigrants, not folks from 'back east').

      3. c
        Culver City Resident

        Small place but great Italian food.

        Link: http://www.giovannistrattoria.com

        1. I like Red Brick Pizza. Not bad. Their Gelato is pretty good too. A decent casual place to visit.

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            hi jwoods! you're very lucky to be in the area because culver city and the surrounding westside area has some great food. i just started working in the area last year, and have been doing much exploring...'tis fun.

            one place i've gone to recently that was fairly good is FASSICA, an ethiopian restaurant on washington.

            FASSICA was my first time with ethiopian, and i have to say, when i try a totally new cuisine, my tastebuds usually need some time to adjust. but i really really liked fassica. the restaurant is tiny, and it seems that there is only ONE woman, the owner, who works the kitchen AND serves you, but she's really sweet and totally loves to talk and teach you about her native foods. the spices were familiar, but just in new combinations, so that's what made it sort of exciting for me. and i've never ever tasted anything like the injera - the thin spongebread. you'll have to take my recommendation, though, with a several grains of salt, since that's the only ethiopian i've tried. i have no benchmark.

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              Fassica is a great little restaurant, on par with anything on Fairfax. I've recommended it several times on this board.

              Other favorites in Culver City:
              Empanada's Place (Venice and Sawtelle)
              Cafe Brasil (Venice west of Overland)
              Leaf (Washington near Inglewood) - vegan, raw food
              La Dijonaise (Helms Bakery)
              Beacon (Helms Bakery)

            2. S&W Diner
              Honey's Kettle fried chicken (and great fish)
              Santa Maria BBQ for tri-tip sand.
              El Abejeno for carnitas taquitos (Culver @ Inglewood)

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                I recomend Bistro Hermitage. I think their roast chicken is excellent and I've also enjoyed salmon and rack of lamb. It's not perfect, but cute and quite tasty.

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                  I agree with your recommendations! I'll have to try Honey Kettle's - haven't been there yet. Also- I just went to Villa Italia and thought the pizza was pretty decent.

                2. The Grublists of Culver City favorites & NOTs:

                  Favorites (no particular order):
                  Giovanni’s Trattoria
                  Thai Thai BBQ
                  La Dijonaisse
                  Dear John’s (for drinks & weekend ceviche)
                  Café Brasil
                  El Sazon Oaxaqueno (best mole extant)
                  Mi Ranchito
                  El Abajeno
                  Gloria’s Salvadoran
                  Johnnie’s Pastrami (pickles actually better than pastrami)
                  Villa Italia (excellent thin-crust, not-so-hot thick, pizza)
                  Rincon Criollo

                  Le Hermitage Bistro
                  Natalee Thai
                  San Gennero
                  Stone Cold

                  I’m guessing your omission of the tres leches cake at the bakery across the street from Café Brasil was a simple brain cramp.

                  1. Bamboo, next door to Cafe Brazil. The Yucatan Chicken is wonderful as is everything else.

                    1. We just moved into the CC area as well - very same area as you, from the sound of things - so thanks for sharing the experiences. Sounds like Cafe Brazil is on the list of must-trys.

                      One thing I wanted to disagree with, though: by "little market on residential street," I assume you mean Jackson Market near Jackson and Braddock. I'd say "edible to good" is low praise for their very tasty sandwiches. With Boar's Head cold cuts, generous toppings on extras like avocado, and great breads (although they always seem to run out of the ciabatta on Saturdays), these sandwiches are miles ahead of what you find at chain stores. They are also way nice: when's the last time a restaurant in Los Angeles told you you could finish your sandwich BEFORE paying because you'd already sat down at a little window table?

                      1. Skratch (used to be Bagete)
                        Best sandwich in town, made from all fresh local ingredients, I go all the time
                        Great salads and soups as well...t
                        ther are on Hughes, just north of washington

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                          Since the topic of ice cream was mentioned, you might like Mateo's on Sepulveda. It's a Mexican ice cream place and while not gourmet, it's good and a bit different. You'll see flavors you don't normally see in most ice cream places. I like the cactus fruit ("pitaya") which is sort of sorbet-like. Besides the nice flavor it's got an interesting texture; something between sorbet and shaved ice. Last week I tried a piña colada milk shake. Not thick but flavorful with bits of coconut and pineapple. Not too sweet either which I liked. The guy who made it said it was his favorite flavor. Pick up some paletas (fruit bars) to take home. I'm partial to the ones with milk ("con crema"). I generally am on board with the suggestions mentioned, but I've not had a chance to try the Bluebird Cafe on National or Sabor a Mexico either. Both have had high praise around here. The Bluebird is only open limited hours during the week so my work hours prevent me getting there (come on vacation!). I did like the vegetarian (and I'm not a vegetarian) Indian food at Amamapura (spelling?) on Venice.

                        2. If you like sushi, Kaizuka, on Culver near the Kirk Douglas Theater, is very good. For great salads, try Tender Greens, also on Culver in the downtown area. The grilled flatiron steak salad and the ahi tuna nicoise salads are excellent.