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Feb 28, 2010 02:52 PM

Fine Dining that isn't complicated? [Ardsley / Dobbs Ferry / Greenburgh]

On the weekend of March 26, my family will be celebrating a combination of 3 events. My sister's birthday, my dad's birthday, and my 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend. The original plan was to go to X20 and have a wonderfully magnificent time. Unfortunately X20 was booked solid however we were lucky enough to get a reservation at Xavier's in piermont. Unfortunately again we then realized that while they do love to eat, my sister and my girlfriend aren't the most adventurous or the broadest eaters, so while the food at X20 Would've been perfect, that of Xavier's might result in 2 people celebrating without a meal they consider good. We considered Harvest on the Hudson as we used to go there in years past, but apparently the reviews have gone done hill. As such, if anyone could please recommend some place comparable to X20 in regards to food, price (if it's cheaper that's fine) and atmosphere it'd be greatly appreciated.

PS- As for location we'd like something that isn't too much of a distance, we're coming from the ardsley/Dobbs Ferry/Greenburgh area and while we don't mind the drive to Manhattan, Piermont, or Hastings, I'd prefer to keep it within that general distance if possible.

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  1. Try restaurant X in Congers. More varied menu than Xavier's in Piermont, but still excellent food and a delightful setting. Probably cheaper too.

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      You beat me to it. That was going to be my suggestion as well. Everyone will find something - food is terrific and the ambience is still special.

    2. The Restaurant X is a very good option but if you don't feel like crossing the bridge you may want to check out Red Hat on the River in Irvington. Nice restaurant and lovely views. .......

      1. Ouch. Based on this and other opinions of H/on/H, I have changed to Xavier's in Piermont for a big birthday bash.

        I don't think I'll be disappointed, do you? Based on their tasting menu, they look wonderful.

        What's the deal with H/on/H?

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          Xaviar's is a winner in every way. Good decision.

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            I've haven't been to Harvest in close to a year now but they were doing pretty good back then (that was after a slump). I've been hearing mixed stuff about them again. I know someone who went there recently for an anniversary and while they said the food was good, noone and I mean onone acknowledged their anniversary. They called ahead and told them it was a special anniversary and when they arrived the girls at the front knew it was their anniversary but they never got best wishes from any of the staff. They were not looking for any kind of hand outs just a simple "Happy Anniversary". That's just rude. They should train their staff better in common sense.

            1. re: GIOny

              Thanks, menton1 and GIOny. Unfortunately, the idea of the bridge has daunted some of us, so I again changed the reservation, this time to Le Chateau in South Salem. I hope they're good.......

              1. re: anonymouse1935

                Also, hit and miss. Last time I was there, it was not great.

                1. re: anonymouse1935

                  Sorry to say, they are not. Last time we went, the service was pretentious, the food was not good, my wine was corked and the waiter gave me an attitude about it, and to to pit off, valet parking scratched my car. Done.

                  1. re: wincountrygirl

                    Thanks. It's all been called off indefinitely.

                    Zuppa was the last choice before the cancellation.

                  2. re: anonymouse1935

                    Hello, just passing through here - but I was intrigued by your comment about 'the bridge' giving some of your folks pause. I presume you mean the Tappan Zee. What is the particular problem? Just curious.** If someone else also has a comment, please post too.

                    **(Although I haven't crossed that bridge in some years I always enjoyed taking it when I was in the area then, and the traffic delays never struck me as significantly different from Lincoln Tunnel/Holland Tunnel/Washington Bridge delays. Yes, I'm aware of studies/debates about repairs, structural problems, replacement for it, etc)

              2. So other than restaurant X, Red Hat, and MAYBE H/o/H there's nothing else in the area that people recommend?

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                  If by "area" you mean SW Westchester, you could go inland a bit for some nice places. Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville, Crabtree's in Chappaqua, and Lexington Square in Mount Kisco are places you could consider. Folks also rave about The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry and Chiboust in Tarrytown as well...

                  1. re: menton1

                    Had a fantastic meal at Crabtree about a month ago. It has gotten much better with the new chef.

                  2. re: hungry_fox

                    Just went to X20 last night and LOVED it. I live in the Ardsley/Greenburgh/Dobbs area and I would recommend the following:

                    1) Crabtree Kittle House in Chappaqua
                    2) Half Moon (while the same owners own Harvest, I found Half Moon to be much better)
                    3) Tarry Lodge in Portchester
                    4) Blu in Hastings

                    I have yet to try Cookery it's on my list. Everyone that I have spoken to who has eaten there has raved about it. Good Luck.

                  3. My husband and I just celebrated our 20th anniversary at Xaviers in Piermont. We hadn't been there in perhaps 8 years or so, soon after Xaviers in Garrison had closed, though we've been to X2O a few times in between (Kelly fans, we are). It was so lovely. We had the five course tasting menu with wine pairings which harkened back to the Garrison times. Everything was so perfect. Of course my husband and I make it relatively easy by having no allergies/aversions/restrictions. I also really appreciated the wine pairings which did such a wonderful job matcing with the dishes.