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Feb 28, 2010 02:50 PM

Need recommendation for gift purchase

Friends of mine are moving from New Jersey to San Diego next month. I want to buy them a gift certificate for a restaurant in San Diego, but am in no way familiar with the area. I was looking for suggestions of good spots. They are in their early 30's and have a 1 year old, so places that are somewhat kid friendly would be best. They don't have their housing squared away, yet, so I don't know exactly what areas are best, so downtown or near the beach would be safest bets. Thanks for any assistance!

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  1. You might want to wait until you know where they're living. San Diego is pretty spread out, and you could wind up sending them on a pretty long drive.

    1. ooh, new recruits joining the rest of us Jersey expats out here. nice. we'll take good care of them :)

      Josh is right, this is a very sprawling city, so it's best to know where they'll be living before we make suggestions. when you find out, let us know!

      1. While I agree with the suggestions to find out where they are living before purchase, I will mention that we went to Whisknladl in La Jolla with an infant recently and they were extremely helpful in getting us set up. We saw 3-4 other table with infants/young kids there as well. Food and service were excellent. If they are moving anywhere central in SD, it would be a good choice.

        1. For casual fast food but local SD that could introduce them to the fish taco would be Rubio's..they have them all over SD County and there good and kid friendly.
          $25 gift card will go far..especially for $1.25 Taco Tuesdays..

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            George's at the Cove would be a nice introduction to San Diego..sitting on the ocean terrace having drinks and app's at sunset with the one year old in tow.


          2. Okay, this is not an upscale or fine dining suggestion at all, but the Crab Hut on Convoy is extremely family friendly. Also, there is a frozen yogurt place located in the same mall.