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Feb 28, 2010 02:49 PM

Fine Dining but not Complicated?

On the weekend of March 26, my family will be celebrating a combination of 3 events. My sister's birthday, my dad's birthday, and my 4 year anniversary with my girlfriend. The original plan was to go to X20 and have a wonderfully magnificent time. Unfortunately X20 was booked solid however we were lucky enough to get a reservation at Xavier's in piermont. Unfortunately again we then realized that while they do love to eat, my sister and my girlfriend aren't the most adventurous or the broadest eaters, so while the food at X20 Would've been perfect, that of Xavier's might result in 2 people celebrating without a meal they consider good. As such, if anyone could please recommend some place comparable to X20 in regards to food, price (if it's cheaper that's fine) and atmosphere it'd be greatly appreciated!

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  1. X20 is in Yonkers, no? Are you planning to dine in Manhattan? If not, you should post on the New York State board.

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      X20 is in Yonkers yes, but we're looking to dine anywhere, that has good food and I know there's tons of good food in NYC

      1. re: hungry_fox

        You'll get more useful recommendations if you set some parameters. "Good food" is such a broad term that it's practically meaningless. And NYC is a big place - does "anywhere" include all 5 boroughs? You see the problem, here.

        That said, Landmarc's menu looks kind of like X20's menu, to me.