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Feb 28, 2010 02:19 PM

Affordable Sugar Free Coffee Syrup in Montreal? or home-made?

Hi !

I just got an espresso machine and now I'm transforming a corner of my room into a drinks corner, for coffee, tea, etc..

so now I'd like to shop for syrups to make lattes n such. I used to get Starbucks syrup which was very good, but then it's $10.99/bottle + tax, which could add up quite expensive, since I'd like to have a few varieties for my drinks corner.

I'm wondering if anybody knows some places that sell Sugar-Free syrups that are affordable ad known for its quality, but also not just some random syrup from a random coffee store.

Actually, I was browsing through google and I came across recipes on how to make your own syrup at home. Uses sugar, brown sugar, water, the flavour extract. Has anybody done this? Do you think the result would be pretty much the same as buying it? If it's good, does anybody know where I can get the bottles and pumps for me to store the diff syrups that I might make?


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  1. If you're looking for flavoured syrups for coffee like Torani Syrup, I buy mine at wholesale clubs like Mayrand's for about $7-8 for a 750 ml bottle. Sometimes, I've seen a sugarfree syrup, but not often. I've bought once a Melitta Irish Cream syrup that I liked better than the Torani, but I haven't been able to find it again and it was only a small bottle around 250 ml. Mayrands is open to public without needing a membership.

    Mayrand Limitée
    5760 boulevard Metropolitain Est, Saint-Leonard, QC H1S 1A7
    (514) 255-9330‎

    1. Winners sometimes has these types of syrups in their food section.

      1. I have been using these syrups for years....they are almost impossible to find locally and very costly to ship....I have tried having them shipped from the US but just the shipping was almost $3.00 bottle...not including the duty, taxes, USD....If that isn't bad enough many companies won't even ship to Canada ...For example, Davinci...won't ship to Canada....

        Starbucks is able to offer good pricing (if you like the taste)...last I checked $12.99/bottle but they only have a couple of flavors available and often a limited supply....These syrups are certainly a luxury,,,the best place I found to buy them is from a local company called "vivre"....they have a delivery service for specialty/hard to find items. They sell the bottles for $15.99 (tax included)....A bit more expensive but you can get discounts depending on the quantity purchased (as low as 12.80, tax included, per bottle when purchasing 18 mixed flavour bottles)...

        They sell the DaVinci brand....which is really good. The company offers a huge selection of flavors (last time I checked over 42 flavors Classic and Sugar Free)..........In essence, if you are looking for a flavor that Starbucks has you should stick with them because they are cheaper (12.99 per bottle).....But if you are looking for different Sugar Free flavors like Chocolate, Almond, Liquid Sweetener, Irish Cream, and White Chocolate Vivre carries them along with the more popular Caramel, Vanilla and Hazlenut flavors.

        Last year I even purchased a case of their Sugar Free English you can choose from the 100's of flavors available on the Davinci site...if you buy 12 of the same flavor....They will specially order it for you....

        It's too bad that these syrups are so hard to find and pricey....but they are great to have....I have even started using the regular flavor syrups, they are really yummy but have more calories.....In any case....their e-mail address is Good Luck and happy hunting....

        1. thank you- thank you
          I have been on the same quest for 3 years- no avail

          Marche Aubut / Winners/IGA has syrups mentioned in the above posts ~ 6-7$ for 750 ml
          ( but have chemical substitutes of sugar for sugar free version)
          tried making my own with adding maple syrup+cane sugar, vanilla essence+cane sugar to coffee cream fat free or to fat free evaporated milk .hum ho results.
          Sugar free is diff. to achieve, as Stevia et all leaves an after taste. You can always go the Splenda way- as that is more stable in cooking, (yet is a chemical)

          Marche Aubut (wholesale place) has pumps. For bottles I used wine bottles/beer bottles- whatever fit the length of the pump- but with canning season coming , canadian Tire will have a lot of such items.

          Do let us know of ur quest.