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Feb 28, 2010 01:33 PM

Going to NYC in March...recommendations for cheap eats $10 and under?

Hi fellow foodies!

I will be visiting NYC during March Break (from March 12-16). I will be living near Soho area...since I blew most of my budget on accomodations, I need to watch my budget a little more carefully...

Any suggestions would be appreciated for breakfast, lunch or dinner :) and of course, dessert.


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      1. re: pbjluver

        also a huge fav of mine...PITA JOE
        a great meal for $6.00

        1. re: pbjluver

          i second pita joe. so delicious. the meatball shop just opened les, supposed to be really good. defonte's for a yummy sandwich. shake shack. motorino has a $12 lunch special..i didn't love motorino but it seems to be the new best pizza. artichoke pizza if you can stand the line.

        2. re: pbjluver

          Bahn mi closer to you would be Saigon Bakery on Mott. Also Baoguette has a place on St. Marks as well. Preferred Saigon Bakery myself.

          1. re: pbjluver

            Baoguette is really not very good. If you want a good one, try Vietnam Banh Mi So 1 on Broome and Mott.

          2. Check out the burgers at Broome St bar.


            1. The gyro at Karavas (two West Village locations) is excellent and very filling.

              Rice Balls at Faicco's (Bleeker, near you) are $1 a piece and great cold.

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              1. re: NAtiveNewYorker

                Thank you for your recommendations! Looking forward to visiting :D

              2. Pizza at Grandaisy Bakery