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Feb 28, 2010 01:28 PM

Pregnant and Craving Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

My mother and grandmother would make pot roast by braising a chuck roast in Campbell's French Onion Soup. The gravy would always be really tasty and what I am really craving right about now is the gravy and mashed potatoes but I'm not sure I can really handle the pot roast part. I was wondering if anyone thinks that I could make the gravy without making the whole roast... I was thinking that since the soup is made with a beef broth base, it would be like making a quick simple gravy with just a beef broth, but maybe it would have some of the more familiar onion rich flavor that I'm in the mood for. Any thoughts?

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  1. you might get what you're craving by making a dark-blond roux and adding low-sodium beef broth and a sprinkle of onion soup mix and a splash of cream. you can brighten it up with a squeeze of lemon juice if it's a little flat. go easy on the soup mix. it's a sodium bomb.

    congrats, btw!

    edit: sorry i was thinking liptons onion soup. dark-blond roux, the soup, splash of cream and a touch of lemon should work.