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Feb 28, 2010 12:59 PM

Must Go To Boston Restaurants?

Boston foodies alert! I'm a DC foodie visiting Boston on Sat, Mar 27 to 29, and am wondering which restaurants I must go to. I will be visiting with a friend from Chicago, as well. Not sure where I am staying exactly, but I am staying with someone who has a car, and I am comfortable using the T. My favorite meal is brunch, so great brunch place suggestions are very appreciated. I love sea food and my friend loves red meat. A co-worker who grew up in the Boston area said I need to go to Wallistown Beach, look for clam shacks and devour some freshly caught clams. Does this still hold water? I go to any level of restaurant - from hole in the wall to expensive.

Also, what are some great night spots? I love to dance!

Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Okay, can't help much with brunch but, I do live right near "Wollaston" beach and the Clam Box is opening next week. I can vouch for the clam shacks here on the south shore, yet if you do a search you will find some strong support for the Clam Box on the North Shore. Can't speak to that Clam Box on the North Shore, as I've never been but trust the opinions of other posters. In Boston, for fried clams or seafood, Neptune Oyster on Salem St in the North End is great and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I'm sure others will help you with the night life plans. I'm a bit of slug and tend to be asleep by 9:00!!

    1. There are many great brunch places in the Boston area. My personal favorite is Henrietta's Table in Cambridge. It's within walking distance from the Harvard Sq. T stop. Their weekend buffet is definitely worth the price. The service there can be uneven though.

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        I'm giving more thought to brunch, probably because selfishly I really enjoy brunch and rarely go out for it. Metropolis in the South End does a nice job, and I love their chicken sausage with a Monte Cristo. Also, Harvard Gardens is creative with their breakfast pizza. Haven't been to Henrietta's table for brunch, but sat at the bar one day with a glass of wine, mid-afternoon and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

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          Wow, I thought the brunch at Henrietta's Table was absolutely awful. Not many choices, expensive, chaotic service, food was entirely forgettable. I literally can't remember what I ate there (unusual for me) except that I didn't finish it. There wasn't a buffet, though, it was all menu when I went around Tgiving weekend.

          What is it that you like about it?

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            I would say that most of the food at Henrietta's Table is forgettable, except I always remember that the portions were tiny and I left hungry.

        2. For brunch, you absolutely must go to Scup's in the Harbour if you'll be here on a Saturday or Sunday. There's hardly any space to sit down, but this was the best, most unique, most legendary experience I've ever had for brunch. If you go, you must get the millionaire's bacon. Did I mention that I love it?

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            Brunch - Mistral(sunday only), Craigie on Main(sunday), Toro(Sunday), Sel De La Terre, Aquitaine

            Seafood - Neptune Oyster (traditional..oysters, grilled fish), Peach Farm or East Ocean City(non-traditional..geoduck, alaskan king crab, scallops on shell)

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              I just tried Mistral’s brunch for the first time, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It is my new favorite brunch spot.

              Panchy, I don’t know if you can fit it in, but I highly recommend it.

          2. What are some dishes or food items that I must try before departing back to DC? Beyond clam chowder, which is an obvious.

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              If I was going to be here for just a few days, I would head myself over to Scampo for a lobster pizza.

            2. The brunch at East Coast Grill is awesome. I'd also try to go to Craigie on Main, Via Matta and Toro. That would be an incredible, gut-busting weekend (I have no restraint, though).