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Feb 28, 2010 12:40 PM

Polish Bison Grass Vodka

I had this for the first time last nite. YUM!

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  1. Yes, I agree.
    I highly recommend Zubrowka brand, which is almost clear, with no fake green food dye coloring. A single blade of Bison grass is included in the bottle.
    Slightly herbal and sweet with light vanilla notes.
    The best way to drink this is cold, from the bottle, neat.
    I also understand that Poles like to mix this with fresh pressed apple juice.

    Na zdrowie!

    1. A number of years ago, long before Absolut held so much shelf space, I was on a flight with their NA marketing director.
      At that time, he mentioned "grass" and indicated its appeal was on the Continent.
      Image my disappointment ... at that time!