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Feb 28, 2010 12:14 PM

Can you get fresh seafood off the docks in Point Judith?

Also - can you get from Gaililoee to Jeralusem by foot?

Thanks very much

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  1. you can get fresh lobsters right on the docks about 2 blocks north of the ferry terminal in Galile aka Jerusalem (I really not sure there is a difference). The only thing to see in Point Judith is the lighthouse and maybe a stop at Aunt Carries for some clamcakes. I dont think there are any actual docks in Point Judith.....but I could be wrong. Rhode Islanders tend to use Point Judith/Galile/Jerusalem synonymously.

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      Galilee and Jerusalem are literally a stone's throw apart, but separated by the channel that allows vessels into Salt Pond. You cannot walk between them, and to drive around the pond takes about 20 minutes. If you are willing to drive from Galilee to Jerusalem, Jim's Dock is a cute waterfront restaurant. There are docks on both sides, am you may be able to buy seafood directly from the boats, but we usually end up at either Champlin's on the Galilee side or Skips Dock on the Jerusalem side.