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Best dinner in Blacksburg, VA?

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We will be overnight at Blacksburg. Suggestions for the best dinner. Money no object. Love local vendors and any cuisine is fine.

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    1. Blacksburg is not a restaurant mecca. If you love local vendors, I suggest Gillie's. It's a pescatarian place (they also do a FABULOUS breakfast). There really aren't any high end places in B'burg. A solid dinner can be had at Poor Billy's (seafood and sushi) as well.

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        We have been to Gillie's several times when visiting Blacksburg or Radford.

        On Thursday night we had a nice dinner - crawfish cakes and cajun tofu - and the best pie ever! Raspberry cream pie - a light mousse-like raspberry cream with many pieces of raspberry, delicious crust and crunchy crumb topping. A huge slice for less than $4.

      2. Take Prices Fork Rd. 12 miles from Blacksburg to Radford and get a great steak or seafood at The River Co. Restaurant and Brewery.

        The River Co. Restaurant and Brewery @ 6633 Viscoe Road, Radford, VA 540 - 633 - 3940.

        It's 90 miles to Chilhowie but one of the top restaurants in the State of VA is Town
        House at Exit 35 off I 81. Stop by if you have a chance. It's open Tuesday/Saturday for dinner only. You won't regret it.

        Town House Restauant @ 132 East Main Street, Chilhowie, VA 276 - 646 - 8787.