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Feb 28, 2010 10:57 AM

Blue Smoke, Hill Country, or Hog Pit? Umm, or Redhead?

One night in the Big Bad City still needs to be filled with culinary delights...

At this point, it's a tie between the above mentioned locales. I realize Redhead is NOT a cue place, but the menu looks nice.

Thoughts and opinions, NYC'howers?

TIA, and always ready to return the favor should you visit Berlin some time!

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  1. You can take the Hog Pit right off the list the food is completely unremarkable at least it was at the old location and I haven't heard any different about the new location.

    I've never eaten at Blue Smoke. The idea of an haute BBQ place always struck me as odd. The juicy brisket and Kreuz sausage at Hill Country is good. It might be interesting for you to taste how German sausage translates when it prepared in Texas (where Hill Country gets their sausage) and smoked.

    I like the Redhead but unless you get there early expect a long and crowded wait.

    1. If you're searching for BBQ I personally like RUB more than Hill Country since the , lamented departure of pit master Bobby Richter. (Yes, I know he's about to open a place in B"Burg).

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      1. re: Ann900

        Thanks, Ann, that is good to know. I'll check out their menu!

          1. re: KTinNYC

            The website doesn't list prices -- can I assume that it is cheaper than Blue Smoke, too?

            That would be the deciding factor, I think.

            1. re: linguafood

              It is cheaper but Blue Smoke has undoubtedly better atmosphere and service.

              1. re: linguafood

                Yes, it's cheaper than Blue Smoke- if memory serves me correctly it's about on par with Hill Country.

        1. Most would recommend you to skip the BBQ in the city. I've heard ok things about Hill Country and Blue Smoke I have been to and would say it is ok but nothing to write home about.

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          1. re: StrongIsland

            This is nonsense. I'm in Memphis pretty often for the past year and the top places in NYC would do fine there, aside from the prices.

          2. The sides at Hill Country are disgusting. If the sides are important to you at all then Hill Country is not for you. Hill Country is about the brisket.

            Rub and Blue Smoke are much more well rounded. Blue Smoke is more upscale but the barbecue is on par. If ambiance is a factor then choose Blue Smoke. If not, then RUB because it is cheaper.

            1. Depends what you are looking for. I think RUB has the best pulled pork in the city. I go to Blue Smoke for either the burger or beef ribs and rarely order anything else there. I dont love the sides at RUB but am a fan of the fry bread and mac and cheese at Blue Smoke. Price may be slightly cheaper at RUB by a few dollars. RUB is much more casual. Never been enamored with Hill Country.