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Restaurants / stores with good recipes on their sites?

I'm sometimes finding fun recipes on the sites of favorite stores or loved restaurants. Do you have sites you like?

I enjoy these...

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  1. I had not looked at restaurants/stores as a source for recipes - now I will, thanks to you. Thanks also for the links. Have you tried any recipes that you really liked that you would be willing to share?

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      The baked polenta with wild mushroom Ragu on the Formaggio site is ugly but good. I also like the Cracked Green Olive & Walnut Salad from that site - it's really a relish.

      I like that Zarela's posts so many basic sauces - I haven't made them yet, but I've enjoyed tooling around & bookmarking things.

      I've had some excellent meals at Simon Pearce, and they always come with a nice bread basket - I notice both breads are on the site: Ballymaloe Brown Bread & Rory's Scones. Now whether they will be as pleasant when they aren't delivered to my table with a sweet little crock of butter I can't say...

    2. Wow, thos sites are great! Wish I had some to add, maybe I just don't get out enough ;-{

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        Or I don't get out enough - and spend too much time trolling the sites of restaurants I'm not at, hoping for clues on ways to recreate their food...

        1. Whole Foods Market - http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/

          I like how you can select by category - ex: apps or main ingredient or dietary need or........

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            I've made several recipes from the Whole Foods site. I like that you don't need to buy all the ingredients at WFM

          2. Williams-Sonoma has a very informative and good recipe site: