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Feb 28, 2010 10:04 AM

North End Birthday Dinner

Looking for something nice in the North End for a birthday dinner (for 2). Would like to try someplace I haven't been. Already been to Prezza (loved!), Lucca, Davide, Pomodoro, Bricco, La Summa and Massimonos. Neither of us are big fish eaters, so looking for a restaurant that doesn't necessarily specialize in seafood. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Monica's is a nice restaurant. Although I have had seafood in the past, others had different food. The free-form lasagna is always a hit.

    1. Check out LaGalleria 33, nice space, good food and more room then most North End restaurants. Also enjoy, Artu on Prince ( bar area dining area not so much); Maurizzos and Il Pannino. Be fore warned Il Paninno will not serve tap water, which I find annoying, yet I'll put up with.

      1. I've been to three of the places mentioned so far, and of those, I like Vinoteca di Monica much better than the others. The food, service and atmosphere are all great, the prices reasonable, and all their pastas are fresh and homemade. I like Maurizio's second best. It's small, with a semi-dingy charm, the service and some of the food is very good. I didn't like La Galleria 33. I thought it overpriced, the tomatoes in my caprese were light pink, and the service was laughable.

        If you don't mind a splurge like Prezza, I'd vote for Mamma Maria.

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              These are two great suggestions. Each one offers a different vibe but both have very fine food. Carmen is quiet, small and intimate. Taranta is larger and a little more lively. Both would be great choices. Another I would recommend is Marco on Hanover Street. If you make a reservation, see if you can get a table by the windows overlooking Hanover Street. Since it is a second floor location, it makes for a nice view of the activity on the street - without the noise.

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                I always forget to recommend Marco and 99% of the time that I've dined there I've had very good meals.

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                  I second Monica's (the best pasta) and Mama Maria (fabulous lobster dumplings). Both are quiet and lovely with great atmosphere and service.

            2. Thanks for all of the suggestions. We actually ended up at Via Matta, which was lovely. I will make note of all these other fine offerings for other occasions.