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Feb 28, 2010 09:56 AM

I need a fantastic lemon cake recipe.

I am looking for a fantastic lemmon cake recipe that alsolooks pretty. Serving it at my Mother's 77th birthday lunch. I will have a lot of great bakers in attendence so I need something special. Help please.

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  1. I made a Lemon-poppy seed cake for a friends wedding that I was very pleased with. It had a lemon moistening syrup, and a lemon curd filling that I also mixed into the buttercream frosting. All the pieces are pretty simple - you could mix & match from the parts depending on what you're up for. I found icing the cake tedious, but it did make it look professional. And I piled lilacs on top...

    1. Maida Heatter's 62nd Street Lemon Cake from her "Book of Great Desserts". Amazing. You use a bundt or tube pan. Bake it several hours ahead of time to give the lemon glaze time to soak into the cake. So good.

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        That is a great cake.

        Do you want a layer cake or a loaf/bundt cake?

        I also really like Margaret Atwood's Baked Lemon Custard Cake. It separates into two layers - cake on top, custard on the bottom. Easy to make but looks/tastes impressive.

        This cake has gotten a lot of love on this board:
        Lemon Grove Bundt Cake (Miss Grace Cake Company)

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          Regarding Margaret' Atwood's Baked Lemon Custard Cake, recipes only uses 3 Tablespoons of Flour? Misprint?? Have you made this cake?

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            It's not a misprint. Yes, it's a wonderful, light dessert. It's more of a custard than a cake, but as it bakes the top separates and forms into a light cake layer

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          I was going to suggest this one as well. Beautiful, delicious AND googlable.

        3. a 2-cents' worth you didn't ask for, but having looked after a number of older friends, i'll toss it out there: i'd go for a straight-up lemon recipe and leave out the poppy seeds. many people in the 70-80 year-old age group have diverticul-osis/itis issues and don't handle seeds or nuts well.

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              I'm standing by my lemon curd suggestion, though.

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                the whole thing sounds luscious. lemon anything is a winner with me! maybe analisas mom will make all of it and hold the poppy seeds and invite us too?!

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                That seeds and nuts thing is an old wives tale. The wikipedia article on Diverticulitis explains and cites some sources.

              3. I do love Ina's lemon cake (the non yogurt one). She makes it in loaf pans but I'm sure you could adapt to cake...


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                  I tried this and it was a lemony and rich. I then tried it with Splenda for some friends that have had gastric bypass and can't digest sugar, and it was flat and heavy.
                  The original is worth the time.

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                    Contrary to what Splenda would have you believe, you CANNOT sub it in for sugar in cakes which depend upon sugar for structure. The results will always be flat and heavy no matter which recipe you use. Splenda can only work in baking recipes developed by Splenda, or in regular baking recipes which only use a very small amount of sugar (1 TB or less).

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                    I second Ina's lemon cake. Very lemony, moist, delicious.

                    1. My three favourite lemon cakes.

                      Lemonade Layer Cake from Cooking Light, can be decorated very nicely, good clear lemon taste, light, moist cake.


                      Lemon Meringue Angel Food Cake from Flo Braker, quite a bit of work but the results are spectacular. Toasting the meringue with a torch after frosting works nicely.


                      Or the Cooks Illustrated Lemon Bundt Cake. Can't find a link to the recipe. But, it's very good.