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Feb 28, 2010 09:44 AM

Spring is coming to Ocean City

I just drove past Voltaco's. A big sign in the window says opening April 1st. That's one month!!

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  1. Thats great news Chris...any chance Dixie picnic might revive? Anything new you see we should check out?

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    1. re: foodislove1958

      Sorry to say the Dixie Picnic building is for sale. It's a shame but I guess you would have to sell one heck of a lot of upcakes to finance a beach block property in OC.

    2. Another sign of spring. I just came through Somers Point and the Dairy Queen is open.

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      1. re: ChrisOC

        I lived and worked in Ocean City/Linwood/Northfield for about 10 years. Was just asking someone recently about Chester's Pastry Pantry and I understand they are still there.
        There used to be a sandwich place in an old church called Chubbies - still there in Somers Point?

        1. re: mbw1024

          Was Chubbies the one at Bethel Rd and Ocean Heights? (Where the duck ranch used to be) If so it has changed owners several times but still open. If I recall correctly there was a fire at one point. I don't know Chester's

          1. re: ChrisOC

            I don't remember street names any more but the place I'm thinking was across from the side parking lot of Shop Rite aka Starn's. That road there comes to a point - not sure of the name.

            1. re: mbw1024

              yes, that' the place. I remember when it was a church. It was a BBQ place for awhile, now it is a cafe.

              1. re: ChrisOC

                You probably mean Emma's Rotisserie ,which is now the Somers Point Cafe...

                p.s. Emma's did'nt do that much for me...(did'nt care for the spices
                on the chicken; too strong for my personal tastes)

          2. re: mbw1024

            Yes, Chester' s is still there, and still famous for their sticky buns...
            my bf loves them....
            & it ended up being one of the last indulgences my bf's father had before he
            passed on at 91 ! ...

        2. Does anyone know when the Clam Bar in Somers Point opens for the season?

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          1. re: Chefmonty

            If you are talking about Smitty's (one of our favorites) it will be a while yet. The parking lot is still full of boats in winter storage. If I see a sign go up I will post the info.

            1. re: ChrisOC

              So where is Chesters Pastry Pantry? ANything new at George's?

              1. re: ChrisOC

                YES, Smitty's. Been going there for almost 25 years. Keep us posted. Looking to get an early start and beat the crowds. I know years ago they didn't open until the weekend before Memorial Day. Wasn't sure if that is still the case

            2. Smitty's Clam Bar will open May 8th according to my waitress Around Back this morning.

              Smitty's Clam Bar
              910 Bay Ave, Somers Point, NJ 08244