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Feb 28, 2010 09:30 AM

Basta Pasta

...any been there? Going for the 1st time next weekend and would love to hear your feedback. Thanks

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  1. Haven't been in a long time, but the uni pasta and the pasta that they make in the cheese wheel stand out.

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    1. re: fooder

      They are my two favorite dishes on the menu as well. The pasta with the cheese wheel is the spaghetti with prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano, IIRC. I haven't been in a while either, and I really should go back. It's a really cute place and the service is always excellent.

    2. I love Basta Pasta and I'm really glad you brought it up. I like the 2 dishes mentioned here but I also really like the pork chop. It's big so order accordingly.

      1. Definitely a great place, the two dishes mentioned are their most known, for a light appetizer the caesar salad is very elegant. standard I know but often overlooked by restaurants as a throw away.

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        1. re: Francofoodie

          Thanks everyone. I'm going this Sat. night & will report back.

        2. I am so surprised to hear the positive reviews. I was really looking forward to my meal here and was left feeling confused and unsatisfied. The cheese wheel is definately cool and I think that the service was really good but I didnt like the food in the least bit. Maybe I will go back and try again.....

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            When did you go and what did you have?

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                couldn't agree more re: leaving basta pasta feeling confused and unsatisfied. my friends who live across the street love it...they also don't like leaving 17th street much. i don't get basta pasta and never will. the service is awful, they bring food out one a time and forget or mess up orders regularly. Plus, its overpriced, the portions are small and the food just isn't that good. ok, rant over.


              2. Anyone know the dress code here? Is it more business casual or are jeans ok?

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