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Feb 28, 2010 09:17 AM

Where is your favorite place for baby back ribs? Please don't say Chili's.

I've found a few places where the baby back ribs are pretty good but I'd like to know where you go for them in the LA area.

I find Houston's to be consistently the best. They are meaty and you can slide the bone clean out of the meat.

I like the ribs at Lucille's but I've found they can be inconsistent.

I most recently went to Joey's Smokin' BBQ and found them to be tough, although their sauce (suh-weet sauce) was tasty.

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  1. Babybacks tend to be used in areas that have zoning laws about smokers, so they're usually not very good. It's much easier to find good spare ribs. However, Big John's Cafe in Redondo Beach does a pretty good job, considering. They only make it Tues-Sat.

    1. i did like chilis! but now that it's not in westwood - i won't be making my way out to the 'burbs for my baby back fix.

      agree that houston's has the best in close area.

      i also like baby blues bbq in west hollywood. i've been to the venice location as well, but haven't had the ribs there.

      i do not care for mr. cecil's.

      on my list to try is big mistas which gets consistently rave reviews:

      1. I'm jonesing for baby back ribs I'll go to Costco and get that package by Curly's.
        Full rack of fully cooked ribs for like $14. They're slow smoked, tender slide of the bone clean and as meaty as you can get them anywhere.

        1. Newport/Naples Rib Company has my favorite baby back ribs. One in Long Beach (Naples Rib Co) and two in Orange County.

          1. Mmmm Naples Ribs in Long Beach by far!!!!