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Feb 28, 2010 09:01 AM

Charcuterie in Charlotte

Is there a decent one in town or anywhere close (I'd consider driving to Asheville or W-S...). I'd love to find a place that has a wide variety of offerings.

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  1. Just curious, you posted a similar request last summer and Godfatheroflunch provided a list of places. Have you tried any of them yet?:

    A&A International Food, 6721 E Independence Blvd 704) 531-1151
    Europe Food Store, 7022 Lawyers Rd ,(704) 536-3382
    Kalinka European Foods, 10403 Park Rd, (704) 542-2623
    Also there is a good german deli on 51 near Costco in a shopping center that I think has a large clock. I just cannot remember the name. It is worth finding, go for it.

    Also, there is Furrucci's Old Tyme Italian Market in Cornelius (ferruccis.com). Pasta and Provisions sells sauages and meats from Ferrucci's and Giacomo's in Greensboro. You might also try Dean and Deluca.

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      I asked about Eastern European food then, and I've visited those places. I was hoping for a place that might have more western European cuisine-Spanish, French, Portugese style sausages (I would love to find some good Spanish chorizo) as well as possibly a good selection of terrines and pates.

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        Cool...check out Pasta and Provisions, Ferrucci's and Dean and Deluca and let us know what you find...

        Did you find some good stuff at the other places?

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          The recommendations for the Polish food was great-A&A has zurek (sour rye soup) mix. It looks like most of the places get most of their sausages from butchers in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which is a big Polish neighborhood. I don't think it's as good (especially the kabanosy) as the homemade stuff I got from my regular place called The Pork Store in Port Chester, NY (if you're ever in the area, pay him a visit and buy all the meat you can), but it's still pretty good.

        2. re: ostrakos

          For the record the German place near the clock is closed.
          For some great local chorizo check out this article that appeared in Creative Loafing a while back about D'Rouco Foods. The Chorizo is outstanding.

      2. The original comment has been removed