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Feb 28, 2010 08:38 AM

De Cecco

I'm looking for a location that sells De Cecco pasta. Any ideas?

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    1. Central Market for sure, probably Whole Foods ... think I've seen it in some super markets as well.

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        But if you go to Jimmy's you can get a Prosciutto Panino or hot Italian Beef sandwich. And cannoli.

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          I get mine at Central Market, but I believe Tom Thumb carries it ...

          I'll have to try Montebello next time I get to Whole Foods.

        2. As good as De Cecco is and, I think it's very good, Wholefood's sells an imported Italian organic and artisanally produced pasta called Montebello. Made in the Montebello Monastery in March' Italy, it's the best (dried) pasta I've ever had. I love it and use it exclusively now.

          1. DeCecco is everywhere, I think I've even seen it at WalMart. When I was in Italy the pasta of choice was Barilla, so that is what I use. Albertson's often has a 10 for $10 sale and I stock up. If I have any less than 10 lbs. of pasta in the house (I live alone) I feel like the pantry is bare!! LOL

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              Barilla is the Ronzoni of Italy. Mass produced but still, quite good.