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Feb 28, 2010 08:06 AM

Broiling fish with out burning skin


I like to prepare black cod or yellowtail collar by broiling them in my oven. But if let the fish broil long enough to cook the meat, inevitably, the skin burns, particularly if I've used a marinade that has a bit of soy sauce in it. I've tried moving the fish farther away from the broiler unit, but that seems to take a relatively long time for the meat to cook. Is there some better way to prepare these fish using a broiler?


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  1. I bake the fish first, then lastly run it under the broiler if I want to crisp up the skin.

    1. i usually start my skin-on filets in a hot pan on top of the stove until the skin is at my desired level of doneness then put the whole thing under the broiler to finish.

      and i also let my fish warm up a bit before cooking, the same as you would a steak.