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Feb 28, 2010 08:00 AM

Great chicken parm--N. Shore or N. End?

Having a serious chicken parm craving. Any Chow suggestions for good offerings on the North Shore or North End?

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  1. Victor's Deli (lunch) or Vinny's at Night (dinner) in Somerville. Rino's Place (nicer) or Sonny Noto's (more casual) in Eastie. Mangia Mangia (lunch) or Massimino's (dinner) in the North End.

    1. Agree on Massimino's in the North End. Both Lucia's and Artu also in the North End also have good chicken parm. On the North Shore I have to go with Theresa's in Middleton...hands down.

      1. I'll add Antico Forno to the list..great version; finished in the wood burning oven.

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          Salemwood in Malden has some pretty incredible chicken parm.

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            I'll second Antico Forno. That's where I go when I'm in the mood for chicken parm. That wood burning oven makes the dish special.

          2. I had some tasty Chicken Parm at Old Tyme Italian in Lynn a couple of weeks ago

            1. They do a great chicken parm at Caffe Italia in Marblehead.