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Feb 28, 2010 07:53 AM

Beer battered pickles?

I have a terrible craving for Beer-battered pickles. Does anyone know of anywhere that serves them? Thanks!

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  1. I don't know if they're beer-battered, though I'd be a little surprised if they weren't; but Jacob Wirth's has a pretty good fried pickle with some good sauce on the side. I'd say it was the best thing on their menu. ;-)

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    1. The deep fried pickles at Redbones are pretty terrific.

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      1. re: Boston_Otter

        They are pretty terrific(love the jalepenos they throw in) but not beer battered. More of a cormeal crust.

      2. The Local in W. Newton and the Fat Cat in Quincy both do good versions. I'm a little puzzled to see some places battering and frying whole spears. The Southern-inspired version I expect to see uses pickle chips.

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          Second the ones at The Local - really good sauce too

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            I once had a batch at Fat Cat that were FAR too salty too enjoy.

            A friend just reported thoroughly enjoying the version at Redbones.

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              I like the whole spears like at Wirth's because I like a lower percentage of batter to pickle. But I won't quibble: fry a pickle, olive, eraser, whatever and I'll like it.

            2. In Cambridge, Cambridge Common, on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter, does excellent fried pickle spears in a lightly spicy beer batter. The ones at Redbones are good too; the batter is much lighter there, and they use chips instead of spears (in addition to jalapeƱo slices).

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                I concur with the Cambridge Common rec. Great fried pickles, and the bar food is above average as well.

              2. Firely's has them on the menu.