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My Le Creuset collection grows!

I just wanted to share this great deal I got yesterday on a 5 qt. buffet casserole. They had it in Flame at the LC outlet store, but only as a first quality, so with a regular price of $240, even my 35% off coupon didn't bring it down as low as I was hoping. So, I passed.

My next stop was the Williams Sonoma outlet store. They had the same piece, first quality, marked at $200. But, they were also having a 20% off sale. And, I had a 20%-off any one item coupon from my Outlet mall booklet that I got for free using my AAA card at the information center. Then I also had a 10%-off email from WS outlet. They let me use all those discounts on that piece, bringing the price down to $115!

I have no idea what I'm going to use such a large version of this piece for (I have the 3.5 qt and use it all the time for just the two of us), but at that price, I just couldn't pass it by!

If you have a WS outlet store near you, you may want to check it out - it seems that the deals there are often better than at LC outlet stores. They carry a number of multi-piece sets at greatly discounted prices as well.

They also had a some great prices on some clearance stuff - I got a WS green 3.5 buffet casserole for $70 just because the lid had gotten a little scratched up. I don't care about that as this piece will be used at our cabin. Again, a price I couldn't pass up! There was also a cherry 6.75 qt. risotto pot for $99, but another shopper grabbed it before I could take a look at it!

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    1. Hello!! Congratulation on your deals! I was also at my local outlet yesterday:) but not that successful like you. You could have grabbed the rissoto pot for me!! I checked the 6.75 wide at LC outlet but they have only one in my color and the piece was very much distressed. So, I left LC outlet empty handed .

      At WS outlet store, almost all that I saw was only one 7.25 round and many gray and lemon yellow oval pieces, so I passed but I picked up 1st quality 1.25 sauce pan for my friend around $60 as I know she has been keeping her eyes on.

      Yes, I agree when WS outlet has it, it can be better than LC outlet in terms of first quality and their WS colors. WS coupon and the free booklet always helps :)

      Rovergal, How may pieces do you have now? Confess! Do you think a price $199 for a first quality 6.75 wide round a good deal? My local small cookware shop has it in my color but I was indecisive and passed. As you mentioned, it can be around $100 at WS outlet sometime in the future... Hopefully I will hit one of them before July.

      I am sure that your 5 qt buffet/casserole is a great piece for gathering with friends and families although the lid can be a bit heavy. However, in case you realize you don't like it, you can always sell it at ebay - maybe even at a better price you paid this time:)

      I will keep on watching, too!

      1. Rovergal you got an awesome deal. What is the name of that outlet store? Where was it? Thanks!

        1. Congrats on your find! The Williams Sonoma outlet I have access to (2 hour drive) had one 9 qt lemon oval at 50% off.. it was tempting but way too big for my needs.
          They had the 3 piece sets in green.. apparently that is a WS exclusive color, and they had almost the full range of sizes in the slate gray at 50% off.. I didn't bite on any though due to size, not what I needed.. and really just wasn't wowed by the gray.

          I'm glad yours had a find for you! :)

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            Can someone please let me know which WS Outlet carries the Le Creuset items in "slate" ? I bought the oval dutch oven at a WS retail store over a yr ago and thought in time I could buy more. I've been looking for the square grill pan and also 5 qt round but none of the WS outlets in NY have any left. I've even scoured ebay for these with no luck. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

            1. re: greytabby

              Hi, greytabby - I have not seen many 5.5 rounds at WS outlet even in gray/slate. Most of I saw last week were indeed slate but larger rounds 7.25 qt and oval 9qt. Many people like the 5.5 round and it sells quicker than the other sizes, I guess. WS outlet near Vegas is quite big and has a wide variety of selection of LC and All-Clad. Did you check LC outlet? I have not seen many slate any more but you can give it a try, too. Also, check WS onine often. One night in Janurary I saw the 5.5 round slate for $169 (?) but the next morning I checked it back, it had already gone! Well, maybe you know all of those already.... Lastly, Just FYI. I found staub 6.5 qt round in glay as follows. A bit bigger but you might like it, too. I do not know how similar this color of staub is to LC's slate as I have no staub. They have a big store in Hartsdale, NY, maybe you can take a look in person. Good luck for your search. http://www.chefcentral.com/product1.a...

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                Sorry, graytabby - I frequent the store at Woodbury Commons (Central Valley, NY), and although they a lot of slate pieces, I've never really paid attention to the sizes. If you've not checked that store yet, I'm sure if you call them, they'd tell you what they have. No square skillets though, I'm pretty sure.

                You may want to check any Tuesday Morning stores near you - they don't have slate, but I've seen granite, which is a textured darker gray (quite nice looking) in 3.5qt and 5.5qt. My store has both, but they were a bit scratched on the bottom, so I passed. I think the 5.5 qt was about $135

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                This is the one I saw a variety of the gray at.. however, I did not look at the sizes, but I'm sure if you give them a call they will let you know if they have them:

                # North Georgia Premium Outlets
                # 800 Highway 400 South
                # Dawsonville, GA, 30534
                # Phone: (706) 216-5211

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                  HI Grey Tabby
                  The WS outlet in Wrentham MA had many 5 and 6.75 quart Dutch ovens in slate, nothing in round. I was there on April 5, 2010. They also had citron.

                  1. re: calebtann

                    Thank you hobbybaker, rovergal, grnigkjun, and calebtann for your responses :) I finally got my 5 qt round in slate from Tanger Outlets and took the last one off the shelf. If you can imagine I was thrilled to tears :D

                    1. re: greytabby

                      Congratulation! I am so glad to hear back from you that you got it!!! You must be very lucky because I rarely see 5.5 qt round in any color. Is it WS Tanger in NY, a big store? A lot of Le Creuset and All-Clad? I have been thinking to make a trip some day! You made my shopping sprit totally awake:) My LC collection has not grown at all for more than two years!

                    2. re: calebtann

                      Calebtann, how is the WS outlet in Wrentham. I might travel to Boston next month and plan to visit the mall. Do they have many items??

                2. Yes, my Williams Sonoma outlet store has plenty of the gray and citron as well, but neither is a color that I'm very interested in. I've seen it at 50%, 30% or 20% off, depending on their sales that week/month.

                  As to how many pieces in my collection, hobbybaker, I'm not sure I can own up to that... too many, if you ask my husband! Let's just say it's more than 10! But, as you mentioned, pieces can easily be sold on eBay, which I have done, so my collection is dynamic and evolving! I started with just red, then I added flame and then saffron, and now I have more flame than anything.

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                  1. re: rovergal

                    You own more than 10! Wow. I hope I can hit one of the 50% off weekends for my future 6.75 Wide, soon. If you happen to notice it, can you post? It seems like the competition at my local WS outlet is kind of tougher, compared to yours and grnidkjun's, but I will keep looking. Citron is just fine to me if the price is right although I adore Dijion and Enamel White (Not Dune). I have one gray, which is a 6.75 Oval. Gray is not particularly my taste either, but as you mentioned, it was the one of the weekends of 50% off, and costed me only for $100. I cannot just see it passing by me. So far all of my LCs are in different colors.

                    1. re: rovergal

                      I love the flame color and hope to find a piece in that shade sometime (in my budget).
                      Right now, the 4 pieces I have are cobalt and red. So far, it's worked out to 2 of each.

                      1. re: grnidkjun

                        I got myself a Dijon 7.5 round for Mother's Day last year (hey! Look at all the trouble I saved my family... ;-) and it's luscious. I tend to go for bright colors, and I like to buy older used Le Creuset, so currently I have 2 flame dutch ovens (from a thrift store; 2 and 4 qt., but the larger is pretty scratched inside) and a flame grill pan, 1 "Sonoma blue" 5 qt. round do, the dijon, a cobalt blue 3.5? qt. braiser pan w/lid, a turquoise saucepan with lid (older piece), a flame terrine, flame old skillet with lid, three gratins (pale yellow, flame and turquoise) of varying sizes, and a wierd, cute little mushroom-shaped (the lid is strange, almost like a Napoleon cap) dutch oven/casserole in a pale lavender/blue/grey. Oh, and two long-handled omelet pans (also vintage) in flame and turquoise.

                        So, 15 pieces.

                        I need something GREEN to round things out. :-D

                        1. re: Beckyleach

                          Becky.. keep an eye out at the Williams Sonoma outlets.. they had their green 3pc sets for 1/2 off last time I was there.

                          1. re: Beckyleach

                            Where do you get your older/used pieces?

                            1. re: berkleybabe

                              eBay - I've bought several used and new discontinued colors/pieces there.

                              My only advice for buying on eBay is to make sure they pack well - pay extra for double-boxing if you can. Cramming a 5.5 quart dutch oven into a large USPS flat-rate box is a recipe for disaster - chances are, it will arrived damaged as it will likely bust through the box. Expect to pay $15-$20 shipping for your item to arrive safely.

                      2. rovergal - great find.

                        My first piece of LC was a 5.5 quart round dutch oven I got last summer at TJ maxx on clearance. The msrp was $234, TJ maxx regular price was $140. I got the dutch oven for $70 bucks, perhaps since it was kiwi and not many people care for that color.

                        My next LC deal was just before Christmas at a LC outlet store in Cincinnati, OH. They had the 5.25 quart roasting dish that I dreamed of nightly for a month and had told everybody it was at the top of my Christmas list. The day I was at the outlet the factory 2nd roasters were on sale for $75, normally $189. The clerk brought me out several roasters so I could open the box and decide which one I wanted. I couldn't even see the cosmetic defect until she pointed it out. The rough edge on the top of the pan between the white interior and red exterior had the slightest bit of red overspray - barely noticable.

                        I now long for the 15.5 quart round dutch oven as I like to cook in bulk. I can barely stir a batch of chili in my 5.5 quart without running over the sides. LC outlet sent me a coupon for 30% cobalt or dijon colored items. I will call to see if it applies to factory seconds as well. If I can get the big dutch oven for under $250 I may see if the fiance agrees to the splurge as we are saving for a wedding. It normally goes for $500, but I've regularly seen it for $400 around the holidays.

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                          dobs737 - yes, that discount on dijon and cobalt if valid on the seconds at the outlet as well. I'm jealous that you live near the Cincinnati store - it's my favorite of all of those I've been too - they had a great selection when I was there in early November. The stores I visit in MI and NY are much smaller than that one.

                          1. re: rovergal

                            The discount on the big 15.5 quart was nothing. It was still in the mid to high $400's. For that price I will just get 1st quality in the color of my choice at W-S. The outlet store only had Red.

                            I will check back in May and June when I think they will have a big sale. I think the sale is twice yearly and November is when I picked up the huge 5.5 roasting pan for $75.

                        2. I just keep looking in different stores and I have found LC items that had the wrong UPC codes, they rang up really cheap, bought all they had, gave away for Christmas presents. Just keep looking. I am looking for that giant pot to add to my collection, any color

                          1. It's all made in China in case you didn't know. Staub, I'm fairly sure, is still actually made in France though I could be wrong.

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                              Staub's cast iron is still made in France as well as LC's cast iron.
                              It is LC's tri ply stainless cookware that is mfg in China and the stoneware I believe is made in Thailand.

                            2. This has me so excited to check out the nearest WS outlet soon! I registered for one round and one oval LC Citron dutch ovens... but if I can snag one of those for a good price, that would be awesome! It's good, for me anyway, that citron is a popular color in the outlets.

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                              1. re: wonderfullyweird

                                Two weeks ago, WS had a 20% off sale for WS exclusive colors and Azur blue, which was only 2-3 days. Citron was also included. I am planning to check soon, too. Let's see what they have:) Citron doesn't have as many varieties of shapes as other colors have, such as 3.5 qt wide or 6.75 wide, which I might be interested!

                                1. re: hobbybaker

                                  I saw that also! If you sign up for WS emails, It seems that every 2 or 3 months they will have a 2 or 3 day special on LC. I got a 5.5 qt round for $184, regularly $234 in December. It's not as cheap as what others on this thread have paid but it is 1st quality and I didn't have to drive all the way to the outlets since they are kind of far for me.

                                  1. re: Adc874

                                    Adc, agree. Some of the sizes, such as 5.5 qt round and 7.25 qt round are very popular and harder to find them at WS outlet store - compared with other sizes/shape, especially if some colors are in mind. So, paying $184 for the popular size and fav color for 1st is a good deal to me combined with no drive:)

                              2. Just wanted to note that Linen is currently on sale at W-S ... I believe this means they're discontinuing. Saved $50 over other colors on the piece I bought (5 qt oval).