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Feb 28, 2010 06:52 AM

scarborough korean bbq

looking for korean bbq with the cooking table and lots-o- meat that you cook yourself in scarborough.
i have driven past a place on lawrence, west of warden a few times...has anyone been there?
i see a board from 2003...hoping for an update? any new discoveries??

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  1. just went to soeul house (?) at market village. its run by koreans. the meats they have are chicken, beef and pork, as well as calamari, all you can eat. there's also all you can eat banchan (side dishes), along with unlimited rice and soup. it came to about $20/person when i went on a weekend.

    1. You are driving past a hidden gem in the Scarborough area!
      Makkal Chon is great for Korean food and the restaurant's woody decor has a warm and welcoming feel to it; family-run service is also friendly.

      They do have tables with built-in grills, but I haven't tried their bbq yet.

      Their banchan is a good and plentiful selection, especially if you can try the one made of mashed squash. Also, their rice comes with purple rice! Tip: avoid the seemingly "safe" chicken katsu as it's overcooked and drenched in cutlet sauce.

      It is located on 1979 Lawrence Ave. E. and they have an old web site here:

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        Seconding Makkal Chon. Can get busy, especially when one of the large churches nearby gets out.

      2. so we ended up at Korean bbq place at 3280 Midland Scarborough, just north of finch and in the market village plaza. it was exactly what we wanted. lots-o-meat and some yummy 'traditional' sides. it was pretty much the same as all the other korean bbq places i have been too near and far. the total bill for 4 of us on a tuesday eve, with four drinks and tax and tip was $75.00. i would go back and the service was quick and efficient, though my dear friend was at the receiving end of one blood filled empty meat tray flying at her and there was a small problem getting our 'fire' lit.

        i also have added Makkal Chon to my list to try

        thxs all for the tips

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          I was just at this place today! Been there 2 times before and the location on Queen st. It's pretty good AYCE