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Feb 28, 2010 06:41 AM

Westside Burgers-Counter, Hole in the Wall, Father's Office Tavern, What Else?

Sometimes you just want a nice burger and nothing else will do.

Tavern has a delicious upscale turkey burger with yummy fries with sage, but its like $17-$18. I did not like their pork burger as much, as the ground pork was spiced to it tasted like eating a sausage burger and I have not had their regular burger. Their turkey burger is tops though, although the bun is boring and not tasty.

Counter is a good call, but it's loud and their fries are too good so I end up eating too many

Did not like Father's office burger, the roquefort/blue cheese tasted too strong

Just tried Hole in the Wall. I found their turkey burger a bit too seasoned and did not like the topings (some yellow pepper looking thing). I thought that the regular beef burger was quite nice and the bun was good. Big complaint was their homemade ketchup. Its nice that they do their own, but to me it did not taste good and their food snobby sign next to the regular ketchup talking about how its all unnatural was a turn off. Their sweet potato fries were limp (and tasted bad with the natural ketchup, better with the ranch and regular ketchup).

Where else should I go within relative spitting distance for a burger place with turkey/chicken or veg burger option? Preferably on price point end of Hole in the Wall/Counter, not Tavern?

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  1. 26 Beach, great veggie burger they make in house and they make their buns. I think a veggie, which is huge and a salad or fries is about $12, really worth it and in a comfy environment, I like the booths in the bar area.

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      Strongly second 26 Beach, though I've only had the regular burgers.

      1. re: Burger Boy

        26 Beach, taken more than a dozen people there and it's become one of their favorite LA places to eat for every single one.

        26 Beach
        3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

        1. re: jadekarrde

          They are wack, they have a spicy tuna burger and a kim chee burger. I actuall like the kim chee burger, must be the way it blends with the other ingredients, sor of an umami effect! LOL I crack myself up!

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              Sorry. They are really good, off the chart!

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              I had the spicy tuna burger, very good, very wasabi, but the spice made it hard to appreciate the beef (is it me or did the burgers get bigger like the salads did?), I prefer the California Roll burger. I was going to try the kimchee burger because I love kimchee, but my girlfriend vetoed it because kimchee is 'stinky'.

              I also really want to try that mile high burger with the corned beef. *drools*

              there's also the thai burger I haven't tried...

              I'm wondering what other sushi burgers they're going to come up with, the menu said, "more coming soon!"

              They're definitely taking the Sushi burgers and making it their signature thing. :)

              1. re: jadekarrde

                i had the spciy tuna burger last night and found it to be meh. they were very stingy with the spicy tuna and made up for it by piling in a huge mound of ginger. totally imbalanced. but the spicy wasabi mayo was really good.

                the cali roll burger (sans ginger), mile high and the kobe burgers got raves.

        2. Over in the Mar Vista / Culver City / Marina Del Rey triangle Ronnie's Diner has a very good double cheeseburger that comes with fries or their excellent house made potato chips (my choice) for about $9. It's a great deal. I'm linking the lunch menu here but they offer the burgers for dinner as well. (Dinner served only Monday through Friday).

          1. 3 Square on Abbot Kinney has a fantastic burger (on a pretzel bun)

            1. Rustic Canyon, and they're actually bringing back Burger & Beer night on Mondays.

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                This is my second favorite burger - after Umami (and before FO and 26 Beach).

                26 Beach
                3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

              2. I like Hal's on Abbot Kinney for their turkey burger.
                I consider their sweet potato fries to be the best in the city.