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Feb 28, 2010 06:36 AM

Homemade Pad Thai sauce VS the stuff in the jar

I use the stuff in the jar, usually.

Depends on the brand, and depends on the recipe you use to make your own of course...

...but what's the consensus on the store bought sauce in the jar/bottle?

Is it one of those things that does well waiting in a jar, or is it a sad substitute.

(I know most hounds/foodies will say freshfreshfresh, but just trying to get a read on what you're getting with the shelf-able stuff -- are there crucial ingredients left out b/c they can't preserve, some just entirely lose their flavor?)

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  1. Sauce for Pad Tahi is pretty easy. 3 basic ingredients to cover the 3 tastes of sour, sweet and salty. Tamarind paste or concentrate, palm sugar and fish sauce. Mixed to achieve the balance you want. Lime juice can be added for the sour as well.

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    1. re: scubadoo97

      Thanks. I've made it, I am curious though what people think of the taste (homemade vs the jar.) Moreover, why they think it taste different as opposed to just their preference. Thanks for the input though.

      1. re: Russel Shank

        Besides the fact that it often tastes "jarred", the stuff in the jar is often too sweet, not sour enough, not chili-hot enough, and not fish-sauce funky/salty enough for me. The texture is often too thick probably due to thickeners and stabilizers. I have only tried a handful of brands, they do well in a pinch, but none of them satisfy.

    2. Most of the jarred sauces available in my area have tomatoes as a major ingredient, and that's just wrong. You'd think since it's basically a mixture of 2 already jarred ingredients (the tamarind and the fish sauce), and sugar, that it would be easy to make it as a premixed jarred sauce. But I think manufacturers want to add too many stabilizers/etc.