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Feb 28, 2010 06:32 AM

Cocktails in Rome?

I've seen a gazillion posts on all the great enotecas in Rome but would love to hear suggestions for good cocktails and after dinner drinks, although I imagine that some of the enotecas will fit this bill? Which ones? We're not into the club scene, so would prefer to avoid anywhere where you have to shout over cheesy techno music to hear each other. ;-)

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  1. We love the bar at the de Russie Hotel on the piazza del Popolo. In the warm weather their garden is the perfect spot for drinks and people watching.

    1. I like after-dinner drinks and my experience of Rome (and elsewhere in Italy) is that they are mainly enjoyed at the same table you just ate your dinner. Restaurants usually have a good selection.

      I agree that the best place to enjoy a pre-dinner drink is outdoors, preferably for me in a piazza, the less touristy the better (and cheaper). Although I'm sure hard-liquor cocktails -- even great wines -- are available in Rome at "American bars," I do note that most Romans, like other Italians, tend to favor drinks light in alcohol as apertivi, and I've heard Italian women say they are surprised to see non-Italian women drinking hard liquor cocktails -- not because they disapprove, but I get the impression they think it's bad for the figure or complexion.