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Feb 28, 2010 06:20 AM

Favorite YouTube recipe/cooking videos

From Grandmas in their kitchens in Indian and South East Asia to celebrity chefs/cooking show hosts, 'YouTube Culinary Academy' has placed a pretty strong library of lessons at our fingertips. You have to sift through some junk to the diamonds though.

If you've found a video that revolutionized your cooking, taught you a trick you'll you can't live without, or gave you a recipe that blew you away... please share it here.

here's a couple I re-watched/use/share:

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast (Gordon Ramsay)

Ricotta pancakes with strawberries - Ainsley Gourmet Express - BBC

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

How to Make Pad Thai (not the best recipe or instructional video, but shot at Amphawan Floating Market

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  1. russel, I also really love the floating market Pad Thai video. I just tried this one yesterday from Maangchi, for a Korean dish called Sundubu jigae (soft tofu stew)...very delicious I just need to tweak my ingredients a bit:

    I also like and have used this Thai laab video:
    Sometimes, I read or hear about certain cooking methods or even ingredients that I just cannot wrap my head around and I need to SEE it being done in order to understand the process. That's usually when I seek out the videos.
    I am also partial to some of Manjula's videos.

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    1. re: Val

      Yeah, Manjula is actually exactly who I was talking about. I learned how to cook stuff from YouTube. Its so much easier to watch four or five videos, see the different ingredients or prep/cooking methods, then just wing it, than to look at written recipes. Since most web content is in English also, you never know if you're looking at recycled Americanized/Westernized recipes. If some old lady is cooking it in her kitchen, you know she's probbaly cooking authentic, and depending how she looks doing it, you can tell if she's a worthy teacher.

      ThaiFoodTonight was one of the first videos I watched to learn :)

      1. re: Russel Shank

        I was going to say Manjula too! I also really enjoy Show Me The Curry, but Manjula's technique is just so... homey and comforting. She doesn't hurry, doesn't try to make stuff flashy or showy. Love her.

    2. I love watching the various cooking shows, the old Iron Chefs, Cooking with Dog, The austrailan food Safari, the old Bourdains, yesterday I watched season 3 of Hell's kitchen!

      1. I have read many times about how to butterfly a chicken but found the whole process too intimidating. There are several videos out there, but this is a good example:

        Now I feel confident I can do it.

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        1. re: kleine mocha

          For Japanese cooking, you have to check out "Cooking with Dog" (a dog is the show's host.)

          1. re: SmartCookie

            Yep, Cooking w/ Dog is good. Their tempura lesson was really helpful

            1. re: SmartCookie

              I really like "Cooking with Dog" The show is an excellent cooking lesson! But I think ah hem some audienced might be really turned off by the dog being so close.

              I do not say this because I think that. I say this to warn folks who love this show as I expect "comments". It's all good.

              1. re: SmartCookie

                ha!!! great video...loved it...the dog AND the yakisoba!!! will have to try that recipe...colors are so beautiful, too! Thanks!!!

                1. re: SmartCookie

                  wow thanks for that one it looks great

              2. I went through a Macaron making phase and enjoyed this video.

                It's in French, but has English subtitles. Also, it's pretty obvious what's being done.

                  Food Wishes didn't always offer video but now that it does, beginner cooks like my son gain so much from the visual.