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Feb 28, 2010 06:15 AM

After Show Dinner in Providence

We're going to see a show at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Weybosset street. Any suggestions on a late dinner? Preferrably good casual italian or pub food nearby or near our hotel on Mathewson (Hotel Providence). Thanks Chowhounds!

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  1. Any price restrictions?

    1. For decent pub food, you can try Blakes, which is a block away from your hotel. The restaurant in your hotel has a very nice little bar, but the food is hit-or-miss. Across the street from Blake's is Local 121, which has a beautiful bar but again, the food is hit or miss. It's more contemporary Amercian though, not pub-food or Italian.

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        oh, and if you do go to Blake's, you must try "The Hill". Their chili is fabulous. Steaks and salads are eh. Great beer on tap. Good jukebox.

      2. Im not too sure how late they are open but for casual Italian Angelos on Federal Hill is a RI Institution. maybe about 4-5 blocks from where you will be.

        1. Julian's on Broadway is a great place with better than average pub fare. They also have an outstanding selection of foreign and domestic beers.

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            Thanks gang. These all appear to be good suggestions. With regard to price restrictions, there are none, but we will be comfortably dressed (i.e., jeans) after the show.