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ISO: White Cheese Curds

I need to find some cheese curds, as a poutine component for my Gold Medal game snack. I want the white ones, not the orange. Where can I find these reliably? I'd rather not go too far north, as I live in the DT west end.

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  1. Both Loblaws and Sobey's sell them.

    1. Leslieville Cheese Shop's Queen West location.

      1. Note: They'll not be fresh.

        1. Gold Medal game about to begin -- hope you got your snacks together. I'm just warming up some samosas.

          EDT: I think I've seen white cheese curds at Summerhill Market, but of course too late for you now. Cheers!

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            Ended up getting some at the Cheese Boutique in Swansea, near my place. Very expensive, and pretty far from squeaky! Oh well, good enough for poutine!

            1. re: Marumari

              And a gold medal game it was indeed! My stomach is still hurting, not from the snacks but from the tension, my god.

          2. Still have never found squeaky curds in the GTA for sale.

            Not even the ones from cheese boutique which they claim are shipped in from QC every wednesday

            1. You won't find truly fresh curds, whether dyed or not, without a visit to a cheese factory that cranks out cheddar.CB obviously thinks weekly shipments constitute "fresh"(snicker).

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                Most of the curds I've had were back in Waterloo, from the farmer's market. Now those were squeaky! And there's something unique about their texture. The ones I got today were pretty much just mozz cheese in the shape of curds- not all chewy and waxy like the good stuff..

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                  Best I ever had--ever--were from the little cheese factory in Wilton, ON, just outside Kingston. Fresh everyday around 3pm when a small mob of locals would descend on the place. These curds were squeaky as hell and still warm from the vat--heaven...

                  Any I've had around the GTA are 2-3 days old and just not worth the bother.

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                    Most places I see carry Black River curds, they are pretty run of the mill. Some places in Durham carry Empire Cheese & Butter Co-Op curds and I find them to be far superior.

                    1. re: Dr Butcher

                      I'm partial to Empire too. Love the taste, very milky. You can get Empire cheese curds from Highmark Farm's table at AppleTree Market on Thursdays and Green Barn Market on Saturdays.