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Feb 28, 2010 06:08 AM

My top 50 dishes!!

I'm going to win a Pulitzer!!

1. Diddy Riese: Ice cream cookie sandwich
2. Zelo's: Cornmeal crust pizza
3. Tomato Pie: Sicilian crust pizza
4. Jitlada: Fish kidney curry
5. Jitlada: Kaeng Po
6. Jitlada: Tea leaf curry
7. Renu Nakorn: Larb fish
8. Yai's on Hollywood: Bamboo salad
9. Wurstkuche: French fries
10. Water Grill: Beet salad
11. Zankou Chicken: Tabbouleh salad
12. Zankou Chicken: Chicken shwarma sandwich
13. Urasawa: Seared toro
14. Urasawa: Tamago
15. Casa: corn chips
16. Udupi Palace: masala dosa
17. Udupi Palace: idli with coconut chutney
18. Ambala Sweets and Snacks: Kalakand
19. Le Pain du Jour: Butter croissant
20. Banquette Cafe: Avocado toast
21. Bay Cities: Frozen black truffle pizza
22. Mariscos Chente: Pescado Zandreado
23. China Beach: Fried rice
24. Surati Farsan Mart: Shrikand Puri
25. Yunnan Garden: Boiled Fish
26. Chung King (Garfield): Tai An Fish
27. Din Tai Fung: Soup dumplings stuffed with fish
28. Mr. Baguette: Chicken baguette
29. La Golondrina: Chips with guacamole and hot salsa (pureed)
30. Farfalla: Farfalle with salmon
31. Farfalla: Farro salad
32. Al Noor: Tandoori Chicken
33. Al Noor; Saag Paneer
34. Marouch: Muhamarra
35. Marouch: Falafel
36. Shahnawaz: Aloo paratha
37. Cafe Tropical: Guava cheese pie
38. Yoma: Tea leaf salad
39. Yoma: Ginger salad
40. Bahn Kanom Thai: Panchi (esp. when freshly fried)
41. Pizzeria Mozza: Pizza
42. Fugestu Do: Sticky rice treats
43. Tirupathi Bhimas: Andhra spicy thali
44. China Beach: La lot wrapped tofu and vegetarian ham
45. Mao's Kitchen: Coconut curry sole
46. Cafe Buna: Cheesy grits
47. Shamshiri Grill: Baghali Polo
48. Shamshiri Grill: Fish kabob
49. Makkah Halal Tandoori: Biryani
50. Dong Ting Chun: Sauteed cucumbers with bitter herb

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  1. they have soup dumplings with just fish in them at Din Tai Fung?

    Where cafe buna for cheesy grist?

    and i've never heard of black truffle pizzas at bay cities, never even knew they made em?

    you're list is definitely a keeper though sounds really good.

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    1. re: kevin

      DTF has fish dumplings. No XLB (aka "soup dumplings") with fish.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        cool thanks for the clarification. (and i know there's another discussion about what constitutes XLB and soup dumplings, etc, but i want get into that, i'll probably need a Phd to understand the differences one of these days).

        1. re: kevin

          Didn't I just (recently) post some links to photos from wikipedia regarding what dumplings & XLB are supposed to look like? Once you see each one, the differences should become apparent.

      2. re: kevin

        They're frozen and imported from Italy but they're so good that they compete with the best pizzas in LA!!

        Cafe Buna is on Washington Blvd between Lincoln and the ocean.

        1. re: kevin

          cafe buna is on washington in Marina del Rey