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Feb 28, 2010 05:31 AM

Good organic cafes in Toronto, up along Yonge Street? (or elsewhere even)

Hi everyone!

So with warmer weather (hopefully) coming in soon, I've started to go jogging again in preparation for some citywide runs that I'll be doing during the summer. I have this sort of habit from before where I'd always mentally prepare myself for a run by setting a goal that I'm running toward - usually, a good cafe for a well-deserved latte or other drink at the end of my run.

I'm new to the city so I'm not very familiar with most of the smaller, local type of places (not a huge fan of Starbucks and Second Cup coffees, to be honest).

I've been going up north along Yonge Street mainly right now and so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good organic cafes along that route that they would recommend. I usually run along a route like this ( just straight up Yonge Street, but if there are some places on the side or diverting off to another road then that's fine as well.

If there is any other street or route that has a good organic cafe that you'd recommend then that would be awesome as well! Maybe along Danforth or the waterfront area? I'm just thinking of somewhere that would be run-friendly, during spring time especially.

Hope that all makes more or less...any help is greatly appreciated!! :)

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  1. I haven't been yet but there is a new restaurant called Kale Eatery ( on Yonge north of Eglinton. It's casual. I think you serve yourself and pay by weight.


    1. just the standard starbucks/secondcup/tim's along your map route.

      some good local cafes here

      1. I would suggest Camros Organic Eatery:

        They're at the start of your run, but do organic (all vegetarian) Persian food, and my favourite place for a long, lingering lunch.

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          Camros also has organic teas and cookies, if you're not looking for an actual meal.

        2. I would change your route so that you end up at Spadina and Dupont at Ezra's Pound: Just found it recently and the coffee's great. They have nice looking pastries out also, which I haven't tried yet. There are tons of options for you to change your route to do a loop so that you end up there.

          1. Noir Coffee and Tea is fantastic, and has a huge selection of all-organic, all-fair trade coffees and teas. The uber-trendy atmosphere doesn't hurt either.