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Feb 28, 2010 05:31 AM

Best burgers in the Pioneer Valley?

Where are some of your favorites for a burger?

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  1. Local burger, as they have grass raised beef. Long post available.

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    1. re: mjoyous

      local burger seems the go-to place recently. but i almost never eat in northampton. some old standbys are white hut on memorial drive in springfield (classic just dogs/burgers/fries diner with mountains of grilled onions - $2), johnny's bar & grille at the "town common" on college street on south hadley (semi-sports bar vibe, but nice 1/2 pound burgers with fries 8-10 bucks), the smithsonian 127 elm street in hatfield (neighborhood dive bar with solid 1/4 burgers -- served with fries in the $7 range), people's pint (dinner only, except weekends) on federal street in greenfield (local/veggie/turkey burgers with roasted rosemary spuds in a pub setting) in the $8-11 range. some of the road stands are great, too, when they open. a particular fave is williamsburg sbnack bar on rte 9 in willamsburg.

      good eatin'

      1. re: mjoyous

        I'm a devotee of the Toasted Owl, Main St., Northampton. Not expensive ($5 - $6 or so). Fun place with sort of a sports bar atmosphere. Bar gets very busy at night, and there aren't many tables, so go early.

        1. re: edub23

          I second the Toasted Owl and while your there, try the Onion Rings....THE BEST

      2. My favorite burger places:

        Local Burger - Northampton
        Outback - Springfield
        Montana's - in the Doubletree Hotel - Northampton
        Silver Spoon - Easthampton
        Wagon Wheel - Gill

        Silver Spoon Restaurant
        73 Main St, Easthampton, MA 01027

        Wagon Wheel Cafe
        20 Farren Ave, New Haven, CT 06513

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        1. re: fillyfilet

          Montana's Tavern is in the Clarion Hotel, not the Doubletree.

        2. local burger gets a lot of deserved props, but i think the burger across the street at the dirty truth is even better. they use local grass fed beef as well, excellent fries, highly recommended. the people's pint in greenfield is also excellent.

          i've heard good things about the toasted owl, but it's a little too much of a sports-bar atmosphere for me.

          white hut in springfield is a classic, and really in a league of it's own.

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          1. re: andytee

            last weekend i had a squealer at people's pint -- local beef and ground home-smoked bacon, w/ chipotle mayo -- and it was quite dandy. wasn't cheap though, and the lunch serving (they now seat lunch fri-sun) didn't come with those roasted potatoes of which i'm so fond. the roll -- a kaiser -- was also a little out-sized, but the burger itself was excellent.


          2. Anyone had the burger at Bistro Les Gras?

            Bistro Les Gras
            24 West St, Northampton, MA 01060

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            1. re: corinnerose

              Not personally, but I've heard it's average at best.

              White Hut! Nom.

              White Hut
              280 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA 01089

              1. re: zammdogg

                my daughter and i are both swearing by the cheeseburger at capt. jack's in easthampton on rte 10. of note, however, is the fact that the smithsonian in hatfield was recently sold. but it stayed in tn the family and has taken the new name 127 elm (after its address). their menu seems exactly the same, although the font and design have changed. they also seem to have cleaned up the place a little and turned up the lights. but my son & i determined that the burgers are as fine as ever ($6.95 with whatever topping you want). he actually ordered the kobe burger this time on a dare, but would not share any with me. he said it was excellent. and at that price, it's about half what one'd cost at most places. real? i dunno. but he said is was great. and tom's ling dogs on rte 5 in whatley has built an new outside seating area, which is a boon to all winter customers. never had a beef burger there, but their veggie burger (very peanuty) slays me.