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Feb 28, 2010 12:37 AM

have you ever cooked anything from Cooking by Tom Aikens?

This book is in my pile to go to the charity shop. It looks way too cheffy for me but I wonder if anyone has made anything outstanding from it. Posted in UK because I doubt anyone has heard of Tom A outside of london!!

I was thinking that some of the simpler baking recipes etc might be good.

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  1. Please, please, Ms Kookiegoddess. Me, please - I've heard of Tom Aikens. And I live in North Cheshire not London.

    And, in spite of what the tosser, Michael Winner, said on his new programme this week, it is not grim up north. I'm looking out of my window and can't see a single mill chimney. Nor do I own a whippet. Or wear a cloth cap. And we even have Michelin starred restaurants.

    I suspect that if the book has already found its way to the charity shop pile, then you've probably never cooked from it. Get rid and make space for something you'll use. A periodic cookbook cull is therapeutic. I don't know the actual book but you seem to note the problem I have with books by celeb chefs - they're just too cheffy. I own a few - most have never been cooked from.

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      Harters. Forgive me, I meant my comment to be aimed at Tom's lack of success, not at non-londoners!!! I have eaten in outstanding restaurants in the north, I just don't get out much anymore as I have a little girl! He got his star and opened other places but he had a pretty bad 2009 and I didn't rate his 1st place - tho I will say the petit fours were pretty outstanding.

      Yes I suspect you are right. I just really struggle with parting with books. My copy is signed so perhaps I'll try to flog it rather than give away.

      1. re: kookiegoddess

        Indeed, you're forgiven :-)

        Get it on ebay and find out the true worth of a signed book. Then pop down for a solo meal at Pizza Express on the proceeds (one course, no dough balls)

        We cull about every two years - which is when the shelves get full and we start tripping over piles of books we havnt got room for. But I refuse to get rid of what I think was the only cookbook my Mum had - Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium (1953) - even though there's nothing we're ever likely to cook.