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Feb 27, 2010 10:58 PM

French Door Fridge – does the layout help you to use up the veggies?

Just wondering, does owning a French Door Fridge and having the fruit and vegetable draw closer to eye level really help you to use up the fresh produce before it goes off or past its prime?
I like the concept but not sure if it really does make a difference. Apart from milk, cheese, yoghurt etc storing and selecting fresh produce would be one of the main reasons to go into the fridge in my family.
I’m guessing there is still room for error though and that you may still end up with a limp carrot that fell out of the bag.

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  1. We've had both.

    The only factor to using the veggies is the desire to cook a stir-fry or make a salad.

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      I agree. For me, writing a quick list of veggies I want to use up and putting on the fridge door is what helps me to remember to use aging items. I love my french door fridge but it's magical powers only go so far.

    2. We just bought a new French-door fridge which replaced a 20-year old model. The drawers on the new one are mostly clear in the front (the old ones were solid white), so produce is visible through the drawers when we open the fridge. I find that that is the bigger factor for me in "noticing" the produce. There are definitely vegetables that live past their prime - especially when the drawers are crammed so full that it's easy to overlook ones on the bottom. Based on my experience with other refrigerators, I can't say that having the drawers at waist level as opposed to a lower level makes a big difference.

      1. I would say yes, because the clear drawers are at a higher level and I notice them more. We don't have meat often, so I use both the drawers for vegetables. I love having them so handy.

        1. After mulling this over for awhile, I'd have to say yes as well, although it isn't an emphatic yes. The bins are higher up, therefore I'm more likely to notice what's in them. Also, we replaced an old side by side fridge, and the veggies seem to last a lot longer in the new one which helps me use them up! I have yet to learn the art of not overbuying produce.