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Feb 27, 2010 08:55 PM

Favorites at the brooklyn flea?

I heard that the brooklyn flea is indoors for the winter and would like to go and check it out, helps that it's right by the subway stop. What are your favorites/highlights at the flea?

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  1. We've sampled a decent selection of options: the pupusas from the redhook vendors were extremely tasty although not prepared to order, and a really good deal at 2/$5.

    the greek place sells yogurt cups that are excellent if a bit pricey for what they are at like 4 dollars, have enjoyed some of their pastries and spinach pie as well.

    be sure to check out the chocolates for sale in the vault - liddabits sweets sells home-made snickers-style candy bars that are seriously delicious, if a bit preciously priced at 6 bucks (it seems steep for a candy bar, but this is the king of candy bars) they have a really wide selection of caramel flavors which looked interesting but werent in my budget the last time.

    on another visit i really enjoyed a fish taco from the fish taco folks, fresh, not greasy and a good approximation of the socal favorite. impressive how many they put out from such a tiny table top fryer.

    1. The papusas were OK, had the chicken and cheese today. The lobster rolls are solid with tons of meat for $14. My favorite food item though has to be the wangding from asia dog. Hog dog with BBQ pork belly and scallions. Had two Sunday afternoon. The cheddar truffle pretzel with beet horseradish dipping sauce was also very tasty. McClure's spicy pickles and bloody mary mix, while a bit pricey, are good to take home. And you can buy some kirby's after the pickles are gone, quarter them, add them to the jar and in less than a week have another whole jar of awesome pickles.

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        haven't been to the indoor version, but here are two of my favs from the outdoor:

        the ricotta ladies' ricotta, prosciutto, olive oil crostinis
        those are seriously delicious.

        the motorino pizza

        I found the pupusas to be heavy and not as good as they are in red hook, for some reason.

        1. re: missmasala

          unless i really missed something, there is no ricotta crostini or motorino pizza at the indoor/winter market.

          ill say this about the pupusas - they were very well seasoned, though i didnt care for the zucchini one (actual slices of halved zucchini, not flor de calabaza as i expected) but its true, they are not cooked to order and definitely suffer as a result. i've not yet been to red hook but based on the brooklyn flea sample i look forward to it mightily.

          1. re: missmasala

            To avoid confusion,the pizza is Moto, not Motorino

            1. re: dhs

              Anything new to try at the flea? The weather's nice and I haven't been in a couple of years now.

              1. re: howo5

                Porchetta now has a stall selling fantastically delicious pork sandwiches. Someone is also doing an amazing grilled cheese sandwich but I forget who.

                1. re: chowbie

                  The grilled cheese is by Milk Truck

                  1. re: kathryn

                    The Porchetta sandwich is petite, but ever so flavorful. I consider it my appetizer for the rest! AsiaDogs are of course incredible. This weekend, we had a Maine style lobster roll at the Red Hook Lobster Pound. Delicious! And they use thinly sliced scallions instead of celery -- a nice bite. We have also had the HNH BBQ (fantastic!). The only dud we've had was the stroopwafel ice cream sandwich from the Good Batch. The wafels were soaked through and cardboardy, and the ice cream had clearly melted and been re-frozen. We couldn't get the chalky taste out of our mouths for a long time.
                    Otherwise, I love weekend lunch at the Flea! It's like an awesome food court.

                    Red Hook Lobster Pound
                    284 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                  2. re: howo5

                    HNH BBQ - started by 4 friends from Houston. They really do brisket right. Best I've had in NYC. Also Mile End has a booth there now, and I daresay I prefer Montreal bagels to NYC's :-o

                    They are only at the indoor one because of the heat, but Liddabit Sweets is a year round favorite for me. They have awesome beer pretzel caramels and then this popcorn called breakfast of champions (I think) but it's caramel popcorn, bourbon, coffee, and BACON. Also their honey barley lollipops are a good little treat.

                    Huaraches from the Red Hook vendors as well - it's the same booth as the pupusas. It's basically a giant open faced taco but inside the tortilla are beans, and then they layer all the other goodness on top.

                    Also Brooklyn Grange sells produce there, all grown in a rooftop in Queens. They also make a fresh salad for $5 but it's not that great - they've got a ton of tomatoes lately. Yum!

                    Mile End
                    97 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11217