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Feb 27, 2010 07:03 PM


Does anyone have any suggestions for what else to do with mascarpone besides make tiramisu? Thanks!

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  1. sweet:
    - mousse
    - cheesecake
    - frosting
    - ice cream
    - lightly sweetened & served with fresh fruit or poached pears

    - mashed potatoes
    - artichoke dip
    - polenta
    - beef stroganoff (in place of sour cream)
    - risotto
    - pasta (stuff in ravioli, or make a sauce with tomatoes & pancetta or bacon)

    1. Mashed potatoes
      Stuff inside of french toast
      Mac N Cheese
      Add it to risotto as a finishing touch

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        love the stuffed french toast idea.

        ooh, that reminds me - crepes...or blintzes.

      2. I can't believe no one has said "eat it with a spoon" -- however, you can always pretend you're not pigging out on it by spreading it on sliced apples or pears (no need to sweeten, IMHO). It also makes an excellent alternative to clotted cream for topping scones.

        1. add a half cup of mascarpone to your favorite brownie recipe to make the silkiest, fudgiest brownies you've ever tasted

          1. Toast some great bread (I can give you the recipe for a chocolate bread if you like). Spread on mascarpone and top with thin slices of fresh fruit. Breakfast of champions!