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Feb 27, 2010 06:58 PM

Wedding gift-worthy restaurant in SF or Napa?

I'm attending the wedding of a couple who live in SF and would like to give them a gift certificate for a meal in their home city, or maybe in Napa. I'd like to spend about $200 and would like that to cover dinner for two with wine. The couple have fairly adventurous tastes, so I would not rule out any particular cuisine. I'd like it to be a place that feels special, not a neighborhood joint that they can go to any time.

I'm on the East Coast, so I'm utterly clueless as to what my choices are. Help?

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  1. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, but...

    Consider Incanto. Creative Cal-Ital with an emphasis on head-to-tail dining. Chris Cosentino is something of a celebrity chef. $100pp will cover four courses and a nice bottle of wine, plus tax & tip.

    Another option is Jai Yun (if they have gift certificates). Some claim it's the best Chinese food in the US. Many courses, chef's choice. Pick a price for your dinner (typically $45-85pp) and let Ji Nei do his thing. No wine list, but no corkage charge, either.

    There are plenty of other good options. Even the most expensive places in town tend to be under $100pp excluding tax, tip, and wine. It might make sense to split the difference and assume that the recipients will pick up a small part of the bill. But at least these are a couple of possibilities for you...

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      I strongly recommend against Jai Yun. Chef Nei has a unique personality, and there's a much higher chance your friends will have a bad time there because of him or his servers than at almost any other place.

    2. I think you can do most of the mid-to-upper tier restaurants in the city for that (that is, everywhere that isn't a 5-course tasting menu type restaurant). A few would be:

      Aziza -- Cal-Moroccan
      Boulevard -- New American
      Ame -- Japanese-influenced California cuisine
      Perbacco -- Italian

      For what it's worth, the first three are all Michelin-starred.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I would 2nd Boulevard and Aziza. Possibly add Fifth Floor.. this might not neessarily cover wine, but Quince is good (I think you get prefixe at $65/pp)

      2. You will have to do some research on what might feel special *to them* and the price of same. The two-star choices are seriously out of your price range (Cyrus, for example, has their 5 course tasting menu at $100. The wine pairings are an extra $100. Without tax. Per person.) Of the 1-stars with good service, you'll still have trouble. Do the math. With a good bottle of wine. $160 + tax and tip = 200. $60 bottle of wine x 1, $10 app x 2, $25 main x2, $10 desert x 2, and you're out. Gary Danko's mid-size 5 course is $85/pp without wine. Acquerello is $75. Commis is $69, I think.

        Since you're pricing yourself out of the name special occasion restaurants, you're into the stellar and interesting neighborhood restaurants, such as the two mentioned by alanbarnes. Boulevard will be almost exactly $200, if you do your math in advance and order from the low end of the wine menu - and is a destination.

        1. August 2009, I had dinner at Boboquivaris. It's relatively a new restaurant in SF. They specialised a fillet mignon with the bone. Additionally, they have a great dungeness crab with garlic. It's located on Lombard Street and corner of Van Ness.

          1. Given the number of restaurants that continue to close in this economy, you might want to consider something like an Amex gift certificate and say you want to buy them a nice dinner at XX. That way they can use it anywhere and aren't left with something worthless in event of closure.