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Feb 27, 2010 06:58 PM

Shipping a wine collection

I have a small wine collection (100 bottles) that I need to ship across country as I am relocating and that I would rather not trust to the tender care of the moving company. Any suggestions of businesses that can handle this for me?

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    1. From where to where? If it's within the US, Western Carriers is indeed an excellent choice.

      1. Just ship it UPS. I do it all the time. 100 bottles = 8-9 Cases. Get some styro shippers and you are good to do. Most of my wine costs $2-3 per bottle for UPS.

        Just shipped a case to Arizona, total cost $30.00.

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          duck833's suggestion is realistic enough depending on weather conditions and time of the year. if however there are pieces in you collection of special value then western carriers is the way to go. i think you may also want to keep in mind the age of the wines you're shipping. if you're sitting on wines that are over 50 years old, i would a.) drink them, b.) sell them or c.) drive them myself.

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            Are there any legal issues about using UPS (or FedEx, for that matter)?

            1. re: clakeman66

              Strictly speaking, yes, a number of potential legal issues arise whenever you move alcohol between states, but the simplest answer is that none of UPS, USPS, or FedEx will knowingly accept alcohol from individuals for shipment in or out of state. (Whether it's because they're legally required not to accept it or because it's their own policy, I don't know.) People lie about what's in their packages and get away with it, probably often, but if they catch it, I think they routinely destroy it rather than return it and you can't make insurance claims, etc.

          2. Going back some years, I shipped 90 cases from Denver to Phoenix. I contracted with a wine shipper (on-line search) and stored those wines, until I had the cellar done, a year later.

            Good luck,